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Snow E Bike – Fat Tire Electric Bicycle for Winter Weather Rides


I love my electric bicycle. It’s the perfect match for my work commute since I get to avoid that rush hour traffic. I had some problems, though, when the snow started falling. This snow e bike has been a lifesaver for the winter!

A snow e bike is an electric bicycle designed specifically for use in snow. Large tires distribute weight better for ease in traveling over snowy surfaces. Just like a regular e bike, though, they still assist you with additional power over a standard bike, making for a less stressful ride.

Ride your electric bicycle all winter long with this innovative snow e bike!

If you want to ride an e bike in the winter, look no further than the snow e bike. This adult-sized bike is everything you know and love about an electric bicycle but equipped for winter weather.

The bike is a 21-speed bike, reaching a maximum of 20 mph. It’s powered by a removable 36V battery for assisted riding. This is great for long rides, difficult hills, and other complicated travels where you need a little help. The bike handles gradients up to 30 degrees!

On a full charge, you can expect the battery on the e bike to last between 22-40 miles. This depends on your speed, as well as how much assistance you need over your manual pedaling.

A comfortable and ergonomic thumb shifter allows you to flip through 7 different settings. No messing around with gears or manual adjustments! Like many bicycles, you’ll also find the clamp-style brake controls easily reachable on the handlebars.

With 26” tires and an adjustable seat, this bike is designed to accommodate a variety of sizes. People between 4’9” and 5’7” will find it most comfortable, with a maximum recommended rider weight of 265 pounds.

What is an electric snow bike?

An electric snow bike is a power-assisted bicycle also known as an e bike that is designed to work specifically well in snow. Using large width tires and a lot of air, they distribute weight for traversing snow. The tire treads are also designed for better grip in snowy weather.

You can use a snow e bike on the sidewalks and roads during your wintertime commute. However, they’re also great for exploring trails such as hiking trails or cross-country ski trails. They’re a great way to get out and exercise in the winter.

Are electric bikes good in snow?

While a traditional electric bike is not good in snow, this snow e bike is designed specifically for it. Different tires are the primary difference which makes it snow compatible. Additionally, a sealed compartment for the battery combats the moisture and cold of winter weather.

This e bike even features a headlight for visibility in inclement weather. A built-in storage pouch allows you to carry emergency supplies and essentials as well.


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Additional Notes

  • Built on a lightweight aluminum frame, but the bike still weighs about 50 pounds
  • Measures about 76” long, 42” tall (including handlebars), with 28” wide handlebars
  • Some assembly required
  • Includes manual, charging cable, emergency toolkit, and manual tire inflator
  • Only available in black/orange color
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