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Super Sling Puck Board Game – Fast Paced Hockey Action


Did the power go out again? That’s okay, we don’t need electricity to have a fun time around here. Yinz wanted to play air hockey? Well, I guess that won’t happen now, but we can try out this fast paced Super Sling Puck board game instead. It’s easy to learn to play!

Sling Puck is a two player game in which players rapidly fire hockey puck shaped discs across a wooden board, using a rubber band. The object is to sling each puck through a central opening, landing it on your opponents’ side. The first player to clear their side of the board wins.

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Kids and adults alike will love the fast paced game of Super Sling Puck!

This Super Sling Puck game is fun for the whole family. In the box, you’ll find a 22” L x 11.5” W x 1.2” H wooden game board. It’s a natural-colored wood with black and red accent text. You’ll also find twenty disc-shaped playing tokens – 10 in natural and 10 in black color.

You only need 10 pucks to play Sling Puck, so you can either use a mix of both colors, or alternate between the two sets as you play. It’s also a great backup to have in case you lose any of the discs.

If you want to up the challenge though, you can use 10 per player instead of 5, and let the chaos really begin!

What are the Sling Puck game rules?

The Sling Puck game rules are simple:

  • Two players sit on opposing ends of the board and select 5 colored pucks each
  • Players high five with both hands to begin
  • Use the tension from pulling back a string near the base of the game board to launch discs towards your opponent
  • Use only one hand to aim and fire your pucks
  • You’ll need to shoot each 1.5” diameter puck through an opening that’s only a few inches wide, so hand eye coordination, motor skills, and focus are key
  • The first person to completely clear their side of the board wins, and this includes any your opponent has landed on your side

If a player bounces a disc out of the game board, it will be returned to the player who launched it – accuracy is key!

While it’s easy in principle, this fast-paced game can turn in an instant. For every disc you send across, your opponent might be sending one back at the same time! You’ll have to be fast and precise to win.

Super Sling Puck is a game the whole family can enjoy. Kids, teens, and adults alike will love the fast-paced action, making it easy for some friendly family competition. It’s the perfect addition to game night, and valuable family time away from the electronics.

What is the Sling Puck Challenge?

Sling Puck Challenge is an adult variation of the game, using the same game board. You play exactly as you would in the normal game. However, the loser of the round must take a shot of an alcoholic beverage.

It’s a fun way to add an additional level of difficulty to the game if you’re playing with a 21+ only crowd.

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Additional Notes

  • Recommended for ages 12+
  • Complete set weighs just over 2 pounds
  • Also available in a small size
  • Top 50 best seller in Board Games (Toys & Games) on Amazon
  • 4.6 star rating with over 4,300 reviews!
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