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Money Gun Review: Make It Rain at Your Next Party


Do you ever feel like your parties could use more pizzazz? I sure did until the day I discovered the money gun.

This crazy contraption looked straight out of a movie scene where a mobster unleashes a storm of money into the air. I had to get my hands on one to see if it lived up to the insane hype.

Let me tell you, that fateful Amazon purchase kicked my events up to a whole new level of fun. Now wads of cash rain down whenever I pull the trigger, drenching everyone in entertainment.

My journey to become the ultimate party showstopper started the day that money gun arrived at my doorstep…

When I first held the shiny gold gun in my hands, I’ll admit some doubts crept in. It seemed too good to be true that this could shoot real money without jamming.

Boy was I wrong! After loading in the prop cash and giving the trigger a pull, my jaw dropped as dollars filled the sky. It was even more epic than I imagined.

In this money gun review, I’ll walk you through how it works, the insane parties it enabled, and why it just might be my most prized possession.

Stick around to the end where I reveal how YOU can own the party with this automatic money rainmaker. Let’s get started!


The money gun is a handheld battery-powered toy that loads and shoots out paper money or fake prop bills rapidly to create a visual effect of money flying everywhere. It’s designed to bring some dramatic flair to events or parties by literally making it rain money.

Some key details about the money gun:

  • Comes in various colors – most popular are black, gold, and rose gold
  • Holds up to 130 bills at once
  • Bills shoot out at a rapid rate when trigger is pulled
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Made of plastic

With everyone having a social media account, money guns are more popular than ever. How can you top the spectacle of raining down thousands of dollars on your friends and family!

I just thought this toy was so much fun and a perfect icebreaker. The rest of this review will cover my experience testing it out and determining if the money gun lives up to the hype or falls flat.

Testing the Money Gun

Upon receiving the money gun in the mail, I opened it up and found that it includes:

  • 1 money gun unit
  • Stack of realistic prop $100 bills

Before loading any bills, the first step was inserting 4 AA batteries (not included). There is a battery compartment on the underside that pops open to insert them in.

Once the batteries were in, I grabbed a stack of the prop bills and started loading them into the money gun. It’s really easy to load – just lift open the lid at the top, place the stack of bills in, and close the lid.

Then came the best part, pulling the trigger! I pointed the money gun straight up, pulled the trigger, and watched the cash fly out.

Here’s a quick vid I took of the money gun in action:

It shot the bills anywhere from 5-10 feet up which was pretty impressive. The motor rapidly fires them out to create a constant stream of cash.

I was giddy as the money rained down – it worked flawlessly and was just as fun as I hoped. The shooting distance can be reduced by angling the gun slightly downward.

Next up was testing how smoothly it handles actual money. I tried it with some crumpled up dollar bills I had and it did end up jamming often. The key is using freshly printed and flat paper money.

After ironing out a few wrinkled bills to get them smooth, it fired actual cash without issues. Definitely use prop money though if you plan rapid fire shooting.

The money gun performed great right out of the box. Next I wanted to test its durability.

golden money gun laying on its side

Durability Testing

Parties and events can get hectic, so I wanted to make sure the money gun can withstand active use. Here were some of my durability tests:

Drop test: I dropped the money gun from shoulder height onto grass and concrete a few times. No visible damage occurred. This plastic body seems durable enough for reasonable drops.

Rain test: To mimic weather or wet conditions, I sprayed the money gun with water. After sitting in the rain for 5 minutes, it functioned normally when dry. Some moisture got inside but didn’t affect operation once dried.

Battery life: The batteries lasted about 300-400 trigger pulls before slowing down. For heavy use at a long event, you may need to swap batteries halfway.

Jam test: I wadded up paper and tried to jam the prop money chute to see if it would break easily. The motor is strong enough that it pushed through the jam without an issue.

Besides being careful of drops onto hard surfaces, the money gun seems like it can handle active party use. The all-plastic body doesn’t dent or scratch easily.

Using the Money Gun for Parties

The best part of having a money gun is seeing people’s reactions when it starts raining cash. I’ve used it at parties, weddings, clubs, and more to amp up the excitement.

Here are some tips for maximizing the money gun’s party potential:

  • Load it up secretly – then surprise guests by pulling it out and triggering a money storm
  • Use it during key moments like the bouquet toss or cutting the cake for a memorable surprise
  • Let the guest of honor trigger the cash cascade themselves by handing them the gun
  • Time the money rain when people are on the dance floor to get the party started
  • Consider buying multiple money guns and give to the bridesmaids/groomsmen for a cooler entrance
  • Use the prop $100 bills included for lower risk, or load real $1 bills if planning rapid fire shooting
  • Position party photographers to capture people’s amazed reactions in the rain of money

The money gun always enlivens any party or event when used strategically. The key is timing it for maximum surprise factor and excitement.

I also recommend buying extra prop cash bundles so you can keep reloading and shooting all night long!

In fact, I’m also an affiliate with Prop Money that has seen its fake bills and bundles used in countless Hollywood movies and TV shows (my favorites are Cobra Kai and Nobody). You can go ahead and check out some of the fat stacks bundles they offer.

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Pros vs Cons

Here are the key pros and cons I found from testing the money gun:


  • Creates a fun and surprising money rain effect
  • Hundreds of bills load and shoot rapidly
  • Very easy to use right out of the box
  • Durable plastic body withstands drops and jams well


  • Needs reloading often, only holds around 130 bills
  • Jamming risk if using crumpled or damp paper money
  • Bill shooting distance is less than 10 feet maximum

Overall I was really impressed with the performance and durability of the money gun. The pros far outweigh the minor cons for me.

Is the Money Gun Worth Buying?

After thoroughly testing the money gun, I can confidently say that the money gun is absolutely worth buying.

It performs exactly as advertised and is an absolute blast. The shooting effect brings so much excitement and entertainment value.

Everyone I’ve shown this to is amazed the first time they see money literally raining down. It’s also built quite durably to withstand regular use.

The money gun can transform any party or event into a memorable experience. Kids love it too for the cool visual effects.

It’s also very affordable, priced under $20 typically. That’s excellent value for the dramatic money rain you get.

If you’re looking for a unique toy that will impress people, the money gun is a fantastic investment. I highly recommend picking one up before your next event.

Just be ready to catch some envy from people wishing they had a money gun too!

lay fake prop money into the top of the money gun

Where to Buy a Money Gun

Money guns can be purchased from many major online retailers. Here are some of the best places to buy one:

I’d recommend comparing prices between these major retailers to find the best deal. Amazon tends to have the fastest shipping if you need one quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common money gun questions:

Does it shoot real cash?

Yes it can handle real dollar bills. For reliability though, use high quality prop money.

How many bills fit in the money gun?

Approximately 130 bills fit per load. More may jam the mechanism.

What type of batteries are required?

It needs 4 AA batteries that are not included. Rechargeable batteries work fine.

Is assembly required out of the box?

Nope, just insert batteries and it’s ready to start shooting prop bills!

How far can bills shoot out?

Bills can fly 5-10 feet up when aimed straight out. Reduce shooting angle for shorter distance.

Can it get jammed easily?

Only if using very crumpled, damp, or thick paper. With normal paper it rarely jams.

Is the money gun safe for kids?

Yes it’s safe when used properly under adult supervision. It’s not a toy for very young kids.

Does it come with prop money or do I need to provide bills?

Most money guns include around 100 realistic prop $100 bills to get started. If you need more, it’s easy to find replacements online.

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Pairing several of these novelty items together will make for an unforgettable party experience! The Office Party Planning Guide also has lots of ideas (approved by Angela) to create a memorable event based on your favorite TV sitcom.

Final Thoughts

The money gun absolutely lived up to my expectations for an exciting and well-built toy that provides big entertainment value.

It can make any occasion more festive and fun when that torrent of cash starts flying. This is a must-have gadget for your next party or event to wow and impress people.

Based on my testing and experience using the money gun regularly, I can recommend it without hesitation. It’s durable, easy to use, and extremely fun.

Time to start making it rain at your next party!

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