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World Map Shot Glass Display Case – Collectors Must Have


As an avid traveler and shot glass collector, I was thrilled to discover a beautiful world map shot glass display case that finally provides enough room to showcase my entire souvenir collection. 

If you enjoy collecting unique shot glasses everywhere you go or want to creatively exhibit your quirky barware, read on for my full review of this product.

Overview of the Display Case

This wall-mounted wooden shot glass display case has a worldwide map theme and provides ample storage for dozens of glasses. Here are the key features:

  • Holds 50+ shot glasses of varying sizes
  • Map design allows for organized geographic display
  • Combination of standard and oversized slots fit small and large glasses
  • Sleek black or rich mahogany finish options
  • Durable hardwood frame with hanging hooks for wall mounting
  • Large display area makes a statement – 27” tall x 46.25” wide
  • Weighs 20 lbs empty, supports up to 50 lbs loaded

With interesting travel-inspired aesthetics and abundant room for growth, this display case is a collector’s dream. Let’s unbox it and see the quality firsthand.

world map shot glass display reno direct wall art

Unboxing the Display Case

I eagerly unboxed the shot glass case when it arrived. It was well-packaged inside a large cardboard box with foam inserts protecting the edges. At around 30 lbs including packaging, it’s bulky but manageable.

Right away I noticed the beautiful wood grain and smooth black finish. Paulownia wood was used for its strength, sustainability, and visual appeal. No assembly was required since the hanger hooks were pre-installed.

Installation Tips

  • Use a stud finder (or Walabot DIY 2 wall scanner) to locate studs for optimal support
    *recruit help to hold it in place while mounting
  • If no stud access, use drywall anchors rated for 50+ lbs
  • Takes about 10-15 minutes

After locating studs, I used the included screws to mount through the hanging hooks right into the wall. If your desired placement lacks studs, be sure to use heavy duty anchors rated for the total weight. With a little help for stabilization, it went up quick and level on the first try!

Loading My Collection into the Display

Once securely mounted, it was time for the exciting part – loading in all my favorite shot glasses! I started by laying them out grouped geographically so I could arrange accordingly.

The case cleverly combines standard 2.5″ slots with oversized 5.75” slots to accommodate both regular and taller shooter glasses. I was able to empty several storage boxes and fill the entire display creatively using all 52 slots.

Seeing old souvenirs from years of travel finally all together in one place gave me a new appreciation for this collection. The memories came flooding back. Now they can be part of my home decor rather than hidden away unseen.

Benefits of a Shot Glass Display Case

After using my new shot glass display case for some weeks, here are the notable benefits I’ve experienced:

Convenient Storage

The open design allows for easy access to glasses without rummaging through boxes. I can switch up the arrangement anytime.

Wall Space Saver

Mounted horizontally, it keeps dozens of glasses in a compact footprint. Frees up counter space.

Display & Decor

With an artistic look, it becomes a focal point and conversation starter. I can express my interests through home decor.

Durable Construction

The solid wood frame feels sturdy and shows no signs of wear even when loaded to full 50 lb capacity.

Versatile Sizing

Mix of slot sizes fits small and oversized glasses. I was even able to display some taller whisky glasses.

Value Priced

At just over $200, it’s very affordable compared to custom cabinetry with the same storage capacity.

Potential Drawbacks to Weigh

While I’m extremely satisfied overall, there are a couple minor limitations:

  • Only designed to hit one wall stud. Try to locate two studs across multiple mounts for maximum stability.
  • Paint finish can get minor chips in shipping. Some touch up may be needed on arrival. Easily fixed with paint.
  • Slots max out at 2.5″ wide. Glasses wider won’t fit in the standard openings.
  • No locking mechanism. Position it out of reach of kids if safety is a concern.
  • Installation requires two people due to the large size and weight.

However, these are small tradeoffs for the functionality and aesthetic value this display case provides. The pros far outweigh any little flaws for collectors.

world map shot glass display reno direct wooden wall art

Shopping Considerations for a Display Case

If you’re looking to buy a shot glass display, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Capacity – Count your current collection and measure glasses to determine space needed. Go larger for future growth.
  • Mounting style – Wall mounted vs. shelf or cabinet. What hardware or reinforcements does your wall require?
  • Material – Wood, glass, acrylic each have different visual and structural properties to consider.
  • Organization – Look for partitioned slots, shelves, open grids. Do you need a door?
  • Weight – Verify it can handle the total weight of your heaviest glasses when loaded.
  • Style – Make sure the aesthetic fits your existing decor – modern, rustic, industrial etc.
  • Budget – Prices range widely from $50-$500+ depending on size, materials, and features.

By evaluating your needs in these areas first, you’ll identify the ideal display case for showcasing your collection in style.

Who Would Love a Shot Glass Display?

Here are just a few of the people who can benefit from a dedicated shot glass case:

  • Travel buffs who want to highlight souvenirs from trips
  • Serious shot glass collectors with extensive collections
  • Home bartenders who want glasses readily accessible
  • Airbnb hosts looking to personalize with unique decor
  • Restaurant/bar owners displaying custom branded glasses
  • Gift givers – great functional present for major milestones

The applications are nearly endless! It’s a wonderful gift idea for the shot glass collector in your life.

Answers to Common Shot Glass Display Questions

What is the best way to mount this shot glass display on the wall?

It’s highly recommended to locate the wall studs first using a stud finder. The case should then be mounted into the studs using the included screws for optimal strength and stability.

Trying to mount directly into drywall risks the weight of the loaded display pulling out of the wall, so use heavy duty anchors rated for 50+ pounds if no stud access. Having two people to lift and position the case while screwing into studs makes the process easier.

What is the weight capacity and overall dimensions?

This shot glass display case can hold up to 50 pounds fully loaded with glasses. The frame itself weighs approximately 20 pounds. The dimensions are 46.25 inches wide by 27 inches tall. Make sure you have adequate wall space to fit a piece this size before purchasing.

Which finish option looks best – mahogany or black?

The rich reddish-brown mahogany finish gives it a classic, natural wood look that provides visual warmth. However, the black finish allows the shot glasses themselves to really stand out and pop against the darker backdrop. It comes down to personal style and decor – both finish options are attractive.

Can this case be mounted horizontally?

The display case is designed to mount horizontally on the wall to best feature the design. Attempting to mount it vertically is not recommended or safe. The frame is not properly reinforced to handle the torque of that orientation when loaded with shot glasses.

How should I clean the display case and shot glasses?

Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the wooden display case periodically to remove dust buildup. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or moisture on the frame. To clean individual shot glasses, carefully hand wash each piece with mild dish soap and water. Avoid soaking or submerging decorative glasses.

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Final Review: A Must-Buy for Collectors

For shot glass collectors, a stunning display case like this world map-themed product makes all the difference in finally appreciating your entire collection in one place. The abundance of slots accommodates dozens of glasses neatly organized.

With straightforward DIY installation, quality hardwood craftsmanship, and versatile storage, this display case exceeds expectations. I’m thrilled to have my shot glass collection creatively exhibited in my home rather than buried out of sight.

It’s an affordable, low maintenance solution for highlighting your souvenir glasses and sparking joy each day. I give this shot glass display my highest recommendation for collector enthusiasm and visual appeal. It’s sure to impress anyone who sees it!

I hope this shot glass display case review provides tons of useful details to determine if it’s the right solution for showcasing your treasured collection! 

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