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How much do Lightsabers cost at Savi’s Workshop and other sites?

In September 2019, I went to Disney World on my honeymoon, and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge was newly open. My wife told me about Savi’s Workshop and the ability to build my own Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber for $200. My first reaction was that the price seemed excessive, but as the days rolled on in our trip, I felt the force pulling at me. I started googling the Internet to find out: how much do lightsabers cost anyway? I thought surely the prices at Savi’s Workshop in Disney World were the result of theme park resort overpricing.

In this article, we are going to tackle the question of “How much do lightsabers cost?”, by looking up several of the most popular lightsaber websites and comparing them to the Disney World and Disneyland options at Savi’s Workshop and Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Galaxy’s Edge. We will note prices and differences between those lightsabers and the ones built by SaberForge, UltraSabers, and Vader’s Vault.

Update: Since the original publishing of this article, lightsaber costs have changed at Galaxy’s Edge including those built in Savi’s Workshop. I updated the prices and included new offerings for much do lightsabers cost luke skywalker

If you want to know how much Lightsabers cost, review the table below

How much do Lightsabers Cost?
Vendor Price Description
Savi’s Workshop $219.99 Customizable hilt based on 4 different styles. Sound saber with Kyber crystal and blade included.
Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities $129.99 – $199.99 + $44.99 – $49.99 blade Designs based off popular characters. Include sound board, but blades purchased separately.
Black Series Force FX $174.99 – $299.99+ Designs based off popular characters. Includes sound and a non-detachable blade. All lightsabers include a display stand.
SaberForge $159+ for soundless, $249+ includes sound Price is <$100 for hilts without electronics. Premium options can add +$350. Offers custom design combinations.
UltraSabers $180+ for basic sound, ~$300+ for premium Hilts without electronics are <$100. Full light and sound customization options with increasing price points.
Vader’s Vault $349 – $749+ All sabers include premium sound fonts. Additional options allow for hilt design customization.
Tax based on your locale would be additional for all lightsabers.

Research your lightsaber purchase

If you can’t tell from the table above, purchasing a lightsaber can involve a lot of research, as there are often countless options. For this reason, I tried to compare sabers of similar features.  This is not a one to one comparison as there are different ways to light the blades, as well as different quality soundboards. For the sake of argument though, the above lightsaber prices include the metallic saber hilt, a blade, and an audio soundboard.  It wouldn’t be fair to compare the price of a saber hilt without electronics to one that was fully decked out.

Comparing prices of other lightsabers around the Internet, the Savi’s Workshop lightsabers at Disney World and Disneyland are actually not that expensive. Savi’s Workshop lightsabers cost $219.99 and come with a 31″ blade and carrying case. Some of your best value options would be to purchase a Star Wars Black Series Force FX lightsaber or a Legacy Lightsaber from Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney. If you wish to learn a little more about each of these lightsaber brands, continue reading below.

How much do Savi’s Workshop custom Lightsabers cost at Disney World and Disneyland

The cost of Savi’s Workshop Lightsabers are actually a little different, as they include an entire experience with your purchase. Originally in 2019, this cost was $199.99, but as of April 2021, Disney raised the price of Savi’s Workshop by $20. If you’re curious about the whole process, there are countless YouTube videos detailing every aspect. Be warned though, as there obviously will be spoilers if you wish to experience the entertainment for yourself.

Instead of a metallic hilt with electronics stuffed inside, the Savi’s Workshop lightsaber starts with a plastic chassis. This chassis contains all your electronics, and then you customize its exterior with metal pieces of your choosing. Choosing which metal pieces you want is the first step towards building this lightsaber, and you currently have 4 options.

Choose your Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber parts

  • Elemental Nature – Based on the name, you can tell this style is themed around nature and natural elements. Parts made to look like wood and bone highlight this choice. The main selling point is the Rancor tooth end cap.
  • Peace and Justice – If you’re looking for a lightsaber style to resemble Luke Skywalker in A New Hope or Return of the Jedi, then this is the style for you. This is probably my favorite choice as I’m a big fan of the classic look.
  • Power and Control – Opposite Peace and Justice, this would be the lightsaber you build to fulfill your Sith Lord tendencies. You can easily build a similar look to Darth Vader’s iconic lightsaber.
  • Protection and Defense – These lightsaber pieces are said to be remnants of some of the earliest lightsabers. The designs here are noted by their mysterious inscriptions and gold-trimmed color scheme.

Once you’ve picked your theme, you then mix and match your metal pieces in a combination of your choosing over the plastic chassis.  With 4 different body sleeves, 2 different top emitters, 2 different end caps, and 2 different activation switches per style, you do have some choices to make.

Powering the entire device is a Kyber crystal. You’ll pick between 4 color options – Blue, Green, Purple, and Red. This will determine the sound of your lightsaber, as well as the color your blade will illuminate. At Dok Ondar’s, you can also purchase additional Kyber crystal colors like yellow, white, or possibly the elusive black Kyber crystal!  These additional crystals can be swapped into your custom saber at any time by simply removing the activation plates.

How much do Legacy Lightsabers from Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities cost at Disney World and Disneyland

Aside from choosing which blade size you wish to purchase, there are no additional cost options for Dok Ondar’s Legacy Lightsabers. The price of a Legacy Lightsaber hilt will be determined by which hilt you choose. Each of these hilts include light and sound, but they do not utilize the Kyber crystal system that Savi’s Workshop lightsabers do.

The following are some of the Legacy Lightsabers available to buy along with their current known prices at Galaxy’s Edge.  As always, prices and products can be updated or changed by Disney at any time.

Update: As of 2021, Disney has increased the price of Legacy Lightsabers by $10 which is the third price increase since their inception in 2019. We updated the prices below to reflect their current costs.

Legacy Lightsabers and their prices

  • Anakin / Original Luke / Rey – $139.99
  • Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi – $149.99 (Comes with a display emitter and an emitter that holds a blade)
  • Darth Maul – $149.99 (Comes with a connector which allows you to purchase 2 hilts and combine them to form Darth Maul’s staff.)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – $139.99
  • *Mace Windu – $139.99
  • *Jedi Temple Guard – $149.99
  • *Ahsoka Tono (Rebels) – $209.99 (Includes 2 hilts of different sizes. This means you’ll also want to purchase 2 blades.)
  • Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars) – $209.99 (Includes 2 hilts of different sizes. This means you need 2 blades.)
  • Kylo Ren – $159.99 (Includes two small blades for the cross hilt.)
  • *Asajj Ventress – $149.99 (Similar to Darth Maul, you receive a connector that allows you to purchase and connect a second Asajj Ventress hilt.)
  • Darth Vader – $159.99
  • Ben Solo – $149.99
  • Reforged Skywalker – $139.99
  • Count Dooku – $139.99
  • Darksaber – $199.99 (This is the only Legacy Lightsaber that comes with a blade.)
  • Princess Leia – $149.99 (Separate from the Legacy Lightsaber limited edition $375 collection.)
  • Rey (Rise of Skywalker Orange) – $139.99
  • Cal KestisComing Fall 2021

*These sabers are currently discontinued

Additional Legacy Lightsaber Considerations

As noted, the above prices are for the hilt only. You have to purchase a blade separately, and the price of that will be determined by the length you choose. It will cost you $49.99 for a 36″ blade and $44.99 for a 26″ blade. The blade received from Savi’s Workshop is 31″, but you can’t purchase that size aside from buying a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber.

One final thing to mention is that you can ONLY purchase a Legacy Lightsaber inside a Walt Disney theme park like Disneyland or Disney World. It’s not available on Shop Disney or other online sites. You may find these Legacy Lightsabers on Amazon, but they will not be priced as seen above. Most likely these will be people who purchase the lightsaber in a Disney park and then resell them online for a large profit.

How much do Star Wars Black Series Force FX Lightsabers cost

The Star Wars Black Series Force FX Lightsabers are made by Hasbro, so you can purchase some of them directly off their website. Walmart also has a number of them listed for sale including pre-orders for the new Darth Revan lightsaber coming out later this year.

These lightsabers are similar to the Legacy Lightsabers you can purchase in Galaxy’s Edge, but there are differences. The main similarity is that the overall theme of the Black Series Force FX Lightsabers also remodel fan favorite lightsabers from the Star Wars universe. Note that the Force FX series has some discontinued lightsabers, and those can come at significantly higher prices.

how much do lightsabers cost force fx lightsaber

These Black Series Force FX lightsabers all include a plastic display stand in the cost. The one big difference between the Force FX and Legacy Lightsabers is that the blade is included and permanently attached to the hilt. This blade was not meant to be easily removed and swapped like the other lightsaber options. Also, the blades are typically colored to match the light of the saber. Other blades that you purchase will have clear tubes and illuminate solely from the LED lights.

If you don’t have access to a Disney park, the Force FX lightsaber offers the cheapest price for a lightsaber with sound.  This is especially true for a character-themed hilt.

How much do SaberForge Lightsabers cost

We have now arrived at our first custom lightsaber website. While the above lightsabers all include light, sound, and a hilt in their price, once you start delving into custom lightsabers, the options become significantly more varied.  You have options for LED NeoPixel lights inside your blade for a more realistic powering on and off visual.  There are also premium sound fonts (soundboard) to give your lightsaber a wider array of sound effects.  Finally, Smooth Swing and Flash on Clash are features that make wielding the saber feel more natural and realistic.

With all that out of the way, how do you create a SaberForge saber compared to the above and below lightsaber options?

SaberForge lightsaber building options

You have 2 options when initially deciding what you want to build on SaberForge. For starters, you can either choose a pre-built hilt or combine parts to form your own custom lightsaber.

Should you choose the pre-built hilt, there will not be options to drastically change the look of your metallic hilt.  You’re buying it because you enjoy the way it looks already.  These hilts start at around $60, but for the more intricate designs, the price can rise up to $349.

how much do lightsabers cost saberforge sabers

If you choose to customize your own design, you purchase parts similar to how a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber is built.  You choose an emitter, body, a power switch, and an end cap (pommel). SaberForge offers a wide variety of options for all of these parts along with an interactive display to show how your lightsaber is coming together. Each part could cost you $30 – $80, and with 4 pieces, you can estimate around $100 – $120 if you pick all the cheapest options.  They also offer to assemble your lightsaber and electronics for $25 additional.

saberforge adaptive lightsaber

After all that, you still are not finished with your SaberForge lightsaber. You must choose what electronics package you want.

SaberForge Electronics Packages

  • Initiate – There are no electronics inside your hilt if you choose this option. Your price will be solely the price of your hilt, but there will be no blade, lights, or sound.
  • Warrior – $99 additional. This package includes a single removable blade with your choice of 1 LED light color option.
  • Veteran – $184 additional. Includes a removable blade with 1 LED light color option and a sound font with 3 different sound options.
  • Champion – $249 additional. Includes a removable blade with 1 LED light color option. Also includes 3 premium sound fonts and a GUI editor via micro USB.
  • Hero – $349 additional. Includes a removable blade with 9 LED color options.  Includes additional features like 10 unique sound fonts, Smooth Swing, Force power effects, a built-in color editor, and an internal SD card.

As you can see, once you start delving into options for a custom lightsaber, you can get extremely pricey should you gravitate towards the most premium options.  That being said, there are noticeable differences when you have features like Smooth Swing on your lightsaber compared to not.  Deciding whether the additional lightsaber cost is worth it is up to you.

SaberForge Mystery Box

One final note, if you feel like gambling, SaberForge offers Mystery Box Sabers for $125 and $250.  If you purchase the $125 option, you’re guaranteed a Warrior class of Saber with a chance of a Champion, Hero, or a Crystal Saber. At the $250 level, you’re guaranteed a Veteran or Champion saber with a chance to get a Hero or Crystal lightsaber.

How much do UltraSabers Lightsabers cost

As mentioned with SaberForge lightsabers, when you purchase a saber from UltraSabers, you will have a wide variety of custom options to choose from.

how much do lightsabers cost ultrasabers saber choices

UltraSabers offers more up-front simplicity for your purchase. You have the option to buy a single or dual bladed lightsaber.  The single blade is your standard lightsaber and it can cost between $55 – $279.  The dual bladed lightsaber is similar to a combined Darth Maul saber in design.  These range in price from $109 – $229. These prices include a blade and lights but do not factor in sound.  If you choose to purchase an empty hilt with no blade, the price will be lower.

When choosing the lightsaber hilt of your liking, most hilts will have purchase package options of empty hilt, stunt saber, saber with basic sound, saber with premium sound, emerald saber, emerald saber with sound, and diamond saber.  As you can imagine, each step up increases the cost of your lightsaber.

how much do lightsabers cost ultrasabers sabers sound options

The cheapest $55 hilts also can only come in the stunt saber (or empty) variety.  This means that there is no ability for you to add a sound font through the website. The overall price will be significantly cheaper than other options, but you may find the design to be more on the bland side, and again, they will be soundless.

If you choose a v3 saber or higher, you will be allowed to add sound to your lightsaber hilt.  Here’s an idea on what your lightsaber might cost with sound at the most basic level.

UltraSabers Lightsaber cost with basic sound

ultrasabers dark apprentice v4

  • Dark Apprentice v4 – $65.00
  • Basic Obsidian Lite Soundboard – $100.00
  • No Flash on Clash
  • UltraEdge Midgrade blade – $0.00
  • 24″ blade – $0.00
  • Regular vented pommel – $0.00
  • Black Guarded Switch – $0.00
  • Round tip blade – $0.00
  • No blade plug, Covertec clip, or Covertec wheel

Based on all of that, the cheapest UltraSabers lightsaber you can buy with sound and a 24″ blade will cost you $165.  By choosing some of the additional features skipped above, this lightsaber can cost you $290.  There’s a lot of wiggle room for customization.

If you decide to choose a different option from “basic sound”, you can look at the following charges in addition to your hilt price.

  • Premium Sound +$140.00
  • Emerald Saber +$170.00
  • Emerald Saber with sound +$285.00
  • Diamond Saber +$315.00

Remember that after you choose any of the above options to upgrade from basic sound in your hilt, you still will have a large amount of additional possible customizations like saber stand, blade plug, and blade size.

UltraSabers Mystery Box

Finally, there is also the option for you to purchase a Grab Bag Saber for $70.  These Grab Bag Sabers are complete random stunt sabers (no sound).  They also include a 36″ blade, but you have the option to receive a hilt-only saber for $15 less.

Mystery Box Sabers are also available for $75 and $200. The cheaper box will most likely reward you with a soundless Stunt Saber. For $200, your lightsaber will include sound with the chance of premium options. UltraSabers states that the lightsabers received will be worth at least what you pay for them. At the same time, the only way to guarantee you receive a lightsaber you want is to build it yourself.

How much do Vader’s Vault Lightsabers cost

Vader’s Vault notes one thing very specific on its website.  They indicate that all of their lightsabers come with sound included.  For this reason, when you look at the prices here, they will often be significantly higher than seen on other sites where you add sound later in the purchase.  Theoretically, this can make your purchase experience simpler, but they offer a variety of premium saber prices.

The cheapest lightsaber hilt option is $399 for a combat saber and can go as high as $749.  This price includes their custom 32″ blade and Crystal Focus Soundboard.  With the Crystal Focus, you receive unlimited sound fonts, pulse, flicker, blaster sound effects, force FX, and more.  These also include 16 different colors for the blade and 16 different Flash on Clash options.  While sound fonts can be unlimited via download to the SD card, the base model will come with 15 default options from Plecter Labs.

how much do lightsabers cost vaders vault lightsaber

Additional Vader’s Vault Options

They also offer Limited Edition lightsabers which are replicas modeled after your favorite Star Wars universe sabers.  They might call one of these Limited Edition Sabers “Flex”, but we recognize it as Original Luke Skywalker.  These lightsabers range in price from $599 to a whopping $2,650 for your Ahsoka Tono dual hilt set.

vaders vault limited edition

While you don’t have to worry about pricing out sound options or blade sizes on these lightsabers, there are still a number of additional customization options.  As always, these customization options can significantly alter your price.  If you’re looking to add LED Accents ($80), Bluetooth RICE upgrades ($50), Covertec wheel ($10), or Leather Wrap ($100), you’ll see your price increase significantly.

Overall, Vader’s Vault is the most straight forward of the online custom saber options, as the sound fonts are already included.  You’ll pay a premium though for the specialized electronics inside these hilts.

So what do Lightsabers really cost?

As you’ve seen, the cost of lightsabers can include many varieties and options. I never imagined that my dive into the Internet to compare the price of Savi’s Workshop to other lightsabers would send me down such a rabbit hole. If you love a specific lightsaber from the Star Wars universe, then your Legacy Lightsaber from Dok Ondar, Black Series Force FX, or Vader’s Vault Limited Edition sabers would be best suited for you. If you want to customize your own saber from start to finish, then you also have options.

At the end of the day, I found out that the $219.99 price tag for a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber wasn’t all that crazy based on other items on the market. A Savi lightsaber is certainly different, but it offers comparable desired features. If you want a collector’s lightsaber with sound, at a minimum, you can look to spend $200 – $250.

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