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At YinzBuy, our goal is simple – to showcase the coolest and most unique products that the Internet has to offer. From geeky gadgets to clever kitchen tools, we curate and feature items that make you say “Yinz gotta see this!”

My name is Brian, and I’m a lifelong Pittsburgher. I grew up watching the Steelers with my family and sampling tasty pierogies at church festivals. Pittsburgh pride runs deep here. So when I started YinzBuy, I knew I wanted to celebrate my hometown roots while also indulging my passion for discovering quirky, handy and downright fun products online.

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The YinzBuy journey began in 2019 after spending years designing video games and working as a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer. With encouragement from my family and armed with years of content creation experience, I set out to start a site that highlights the most amusing, unique and practical products I could find.

The criteria for making it onto YinzBuy is simple – would this put a smile on a Pittsburgher’s face? Does it solve a common problem in an unconventional way? Is it so cool that I need to tell yinz about it? If so, it passes the test!

My wife and I spend our days digging through the web’s best novelty stores, geeky retailers, crowdfunded inventions and niche shops. Whenever I find a product that fits the YinzBuy vibe, I rigorously research it to make sure it measures up to quality and functionality standards. If everything checks out, I’m thrilled to be able to share the discovery with my fellow Pittsburgh enthusiasts.

While I’m proud to call the Steel City home, anyone can appreciate the fun and ingenuity behind YinzBuy’s featured products. So whether you bleed black and gold or just enjoy gifts with character, welcome to the family! I’m excited to keep discovering new treasures to showcase. Let me know if you have any great finds you want to share.

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