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Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four – Backyard Gaming Glory


If you’re searching for an oversized backyard game that offers hours of competitive family fun, look no further than the Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four Yard Game! This jumbo 4-in-a-row game is an absolute hit for parties and gatherings.

Below you’ll find my in-depth review of this must-have outdoor entertainment. I’ll cover the key features, pros and cons, assembly, gameplay experience, purchasing recommendations, and more to help you decide if it’s the right supersized yard game for you!

Please note that Rally and Roar also sells a 3ft wide Junior version. While the dimensions and colors may be different from the 4ft wide version, the game is still built with the same materials.

Introduction to Oversized Connect Four

The concept of Connect Four is simple – players take turns dropping discs into a vertical grid, attempting to get 4 in a row before their opponent. But when you take this classic game and blow it up to a giant yard-sized version? The fun factor increases exponentially!

Rally and Roar’s Giant Connect Four Game transforms the standard tabletop into an exciting oversized backyard activity. At 4 feet wide and over 2 feet tall, this plastic game board is truly gigantic compared to original Connect Fours.

My family recently got to test out this jumbo Connect Four for some warm weather backyard barbecues and parties. It’s safe to say this may be one of the best investments we’ve made for outdoor entertaining!

Both kids and adults were instantly engaged in the lively gameplay. The oversized setup lends itself perfectly to gatherings, bringing out everyone’s competitive spirit in a fun way.

If you want memorable game nights and hours of interactive entertainment for your next celebration, then this extra large Connect Four is just what you need!

Below I’ll go over all the details on what makes this yard game so great. Keep reading for the full review!

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Key Features and Benefits of Giant Yard Connect Four

Let’s start by looking at the top features that make this giant Connect Four yard game unique:

  • Massive 4ft Wide Playing Surface – Far bigger than standard size for mega fun
  • Durable Outdoor Plastic Construction – Built to last through frequent outdoor use
  • Vibrant Color Design – Eye-catching vibrant colors for visual appeal
  • Complete Full Game Set – Comes with all pieces needed to start playing
  • Quick and Easy Assembly – Tool-free snap-together setup in minutes
  • Exciting Fast-Paced Games – 10-15 minute playtimes means more rematches!
  • Easy to Learn – Simple concept suitable for kids and adults ages 6+
  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatile – Enjoy indoor or outdoor for maximum flexibility

With its oversized weatherproof design, bold colors, easy setup, and fun play style, this Connect Four game has it all! Now let’s look at what comes included.

What’s in the Box?

Part of what makes this yard Connect Four so great is that it comes with absolutely everything you need to start playing right away.

When you open the box, here is what you’ll find inside:

  • 1 Giant 4-Foot Wide Base Frame Board
  • 2 End Frame Boards That Attach to Base
  • 44 Plastic Playing Discs (22 blue, 22 cream)
  • Complete Assembly Instructions

Having all the components and accessories included without needing to buy anything extra is really convenient. This is a full yard game set ready for immediate family fun!

If you really wanted to take this game from your yard elsewhere, you could always invest in a giant carrying case.

Step-by-Step No-Tools Assembly

Thanks to the smart snap-together design, setting up this giant Connect Four lawn game couldn’t be easier. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take the base board and slide the two end leg boards into the open slots on each side.
  2. Sturdy built-in plastic connectors hold the end boards firmly in place once inserted. No tools needed!
  3. Add the colorful blue and cream discs over the top of the board pegs.
  4. When the game ends, use the quick release latch to release discs and play again!

That’s it! In just a few minutes you can have this exciting oversized game fully assembled and ready for action. With no tools required, anyone can set this up.

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How to Play for Maximum Fun

Here’s an overview of how gameplay works with this entertaining jumbo Connect Four:

  • Players take turns dropping their colored discs into the top of the wide slots
  • Discs fall into place, stacking on top of each other within each column
  • First player to get 4 of their discs in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins!
  • Games are fast paced at 10-15 minutes for lots of rematches
  • Kids and adults enthusiastically take turns and come up with placement strategies
  • Discs make satisfying clicking sounds when dropped into place
  • Exciting to watch the vertical stacks build up as you block your opponent
  • You can bring the fun anywhere outdoors or indoors!

This outdoor oversized Connect Four game was the highlight of our family gatherings and parties. Everyone wanted to get in on the action – it appeals to all ages with its combination of quick gameplay and strategy.

We must have played for 3 hours straight! With so many nuanced ways to block your opponent or set up your pieces, no two games were the same.

If you’re looking for a game that will create hours of laughter, friendship and memories, the Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four delivers.

Key Pros vs Cons of Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four

In this section, I’ll summarize the main pros and cons I discovered after extensive playtesting so you can evaluate if this yard game is a good fit.


  • Massive 4 foot wide playing surface
  • Complete full yard game set
  • Crafted from durable outdoor plastic
  • Vibrant color design is visually appealing
  • Tool-free snap together assembly
  • Easy to learn concept for ages 6+
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • Large size takes up substantial yard area
  • Plastic material can get scratched over time
  • Discs can pop out if bumped but easy to replace

Overall, the tons of positives far outweighed the minor negatives. When it comes to hours of entertainment value for gatherings, this oversized Connect Four can’t be beat!

Helpful Connect Four Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tips I picked up for getting the most enjoyment and longevity out of this yard game:

  • Play on a flat, level surface – ensures discs move smoothly
  • Apply silicone lubricant if discs feel sticky – keeps them sliding fast
  • Let kids use a step stool to reach top slots easily
  • Team up for 2v2 or battle royale with 3-4 players
  • Keep discs clean by wiping with wet cloth between games
  • Store upright inside carrying case to prevent piece loss

With some creativity, there are so many ways to customize the gameplay for endless oversized Connect Four fun!

Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four vs. Competitors

How does the Rally and Roar Giant Yard Connect Four compare against other available oversized Connect Four options? Here is a detailed comparison:

Here is a comparison table showing the key features between the Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four, the inflatable Connect Four, and the wooden Connect Four options:

FeatureRally and RoarInflatable Connect FourWooden Connect Four
Dimensions4ft wide x 2.75ft tall3ft wide x 2.25ft tall4ft wide x 3ft tall
ConstructionPlasticInflatable vinylSolid wood
PortabilityNo caseNo caseCarrying case included
AssemblySnap together piecesInflate before useSlide pieces together
Gameplay SurfaceHard smooth plasticSoft inflatableHard wood
Players Accommodated2-4Up to 42-4
Disc/Ball Size3.9″ diameterSmall 2” plastic ballsLarge wood discs
StorageFolds into caseDeflates to storeFolds into case
Weather DurabilityOutdoor and indoor useOutdoor use onlyOutdoor and indoor use
Noise LevelAverageAverageQuieter design -60% reduction
Eco-FriendlyNoNoSustainably sourced wood
81yKnHA7e8L. AC SL1500
Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four
Giant Inflatable Connect Four
61laOANEIhL. AC SL1000
Giant Wooden Connect Four

I personally feel like the best choice depends on how you intend to use the game. I feel like for sustained outdoor use or inside a child’s playroom, then the Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four stands out as the best.

If I were placing a jumbo Connect Four in a game room at home, I’d opt for the wooden version as it just looks classier. The inflatable Connect Four also works great outdoors, but you have to inflate it every time which could be a drawback.

Where to Buy Jumbo Connect Four at the Best Price

The Rally and Roar Oversized Connect Four Yard Game can be found at various online retailers:

You’ll have to check for availability at the stores as well as for price variations. Even though it can be used indoors, it’s marketed as a lawn game which means it’s a bit seasonal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does assembly take?

The tool-free snap-together design allows assembly in just 5-10 minutes. Simple, quick, and frustration-free!

What are the exact game dimensions?

The playing surface measures 4 feet wide by just over 2.75 feet tall when fully assembled. Perfect giant size!

How much does the Connect Four yard game weigh?

Total shipping weight is 29.5 pounds. Designed to be lightweight for easy portability and setup.

Can this yard game be used indoors too?

Absolutely! The durable construction holds up great for indoor game room play just as well as outdoor.

Is this Connect Four suitable for adults and kids?

It’s fun for ages 6+! Both kids and adults will love the friendly competition and oversized action.

How do I clean the set?

Use a damp cloth to gently wipe down the pieces as needed. Avoid submerging the plastic in water.

The Verdict: Giant Connect Four is a Must-Buy for Backyard Fun

After extensive playtime trials with my family, I can confidently say the Rally and Roar Giant Connect Four Game is an absolute must-buy for anyone looking for an exciting backyard activity.

The oversized 4-foot wide design combined with smooth gameplay, durable build, and carrying case make this a stand-out yard game that will entertain for years. It’s fun, interactive, easy to set up and store, and brings out healthy competition.

For our family gatherings and parties, this outdoor Connect Four has quickly become the favorite activity for all ages to enjoy. I can’t recommend it enough if you want guaranteed laughs and lasting memories!

Don’t hesitate – get the Giant Connect Four yard game today and be the hero of your next backyard party or family game night! Click below to order yours now:

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