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This site is partially funded via affiliate links on the products depicted. As a member of the Amazon Associates program, when a qualifying purchase is made, Yinz Buy is potentially eligible for a percentage based commission on the product. This commission is not paid by you the buyer nor does it have any effect on the price of the product you are purchasing.

So what are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate Links and Affiliate Marketing is essentially a new way for companies to advertise to prospective customers. Instead of paying for a TV, radio, or billboard ad in hopes of someone potentially buying a product, the company pays a small percentage of the sale price of an actual purchased item to the person who referred the customer. It’s a win-win situation for the company as they only have to pay out the commission if they actually sell an item, and they don’t have to go through the cost of customer acquisition. In this scenario, it’s up to Yinz Buy to put in the dirty work of finding appealing items and delivering them to potentially interested parties.

How do they keep track of Referrals?

This is where the Affiliate Link comes into play. By being a member of an affiliate program (like with Amazon Associates), Yinz Buy receives special tracking codes and URLs. When you click on a product here and are directed to a listing on Amazon, this special URL tells Amazon that Yinz Buy sent you to them.

It’s also important to note that we here at Yinz Buy do not own or sell any of the products listed on this website. If there ever was a situation like that, it would be fully disclosed in the product description. Because of this, Yinz Buy does not have any hand in the manufacturing, delivery, or customer service of any item listed. Issues would still be resolved between you, the seller, and Amazon.

Affiliate Link Partners

YinzBuy has an affiliate relationship with the following sites. Many of the products listed throughout our website direct traffic towards these sources via affiliate links.

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