Pokemon Go Eggs – Hatch Eggs with a Phone Swing in 2021


How to Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs Easy

Niantic and Pokemon Go have continued to evolve their game over the years. Back in July 2016, our yards were filled with Pidgeys, but now, there is an event nearly every day! Many of these new Pokemon Go events involve hatching eggs. What options do you have for hatching eggs in Pokemon Go? Walking around or riding slowly in a vehicle are the tried and true methods, but with Adventure Sync, we now have additional non-traditional methods to hatch our favorite Pokemon.

If you want some egg Pokemon from a Niantic event, then Adventure Sync is your new best friend! Adventure Sync was introduced to the game over a year ago now. With this feature, Pokemon Go Eggs and your new Buddy Pokemon receive distance for your travels while you have the application closed. Adventure Sync works with your Google Fit app (and other fitness apps), so feel free to link the two.

(In fact, it may be necessary to do so in order to ensure you receive the distance walked. I’ve had success with Google Fit linked and unlinked. Currently in 2021, I have my Google Fit app up and running while hatching eggs.)

To find Adventure Sync, go to your Settings and ensure that Adventure Sync is marked.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync for Hatching Eggs

pokemon go settings adventure sync settings turn on adventure sync adventure sync enabled

Now that you’ve enabled Adventure Sync, let’s hatch some egg Pokemon!

Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go with a Phone Swing

Want to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go while literally doing anything? If so, a phone swing for Pokemon Go perfectly fits your needs! With a phone swing, you simply secure your Adventure Sync enabled phone onto the swing, give it a push, and watch the phone swing back and forth. You earn steps the entire time it swings. It’s that easy!

Now don’t get me wrong, you might have to play around with your phone swing to ensure it works best for you and your phone. I have tried 2 different phone swings and can give you my opinion on both. I also know what to look for should you choose to spend around $20 on this device.

These phone swings are electronic, and the two I ‘ve used include cables that allow you to plug the device into a standard USB port.  You can also go wireless, but that will require you utilize batteries. The electricity powers the magnet on the bottom creating perpetual motion (after your push) assuming the swing functions properly.

Will Pokemon Go ban you for hatching eggs with a Phone Swing

No, you will not be banned for using a phone swing or phone shaker to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go. As a player, you are not violating any Niantic ToS policies and are simply making use of features they implemented.

Niantic developed and released the idea of Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go allowing players to earn distance and kilometers while the app remains closed on their smartphone. Using a phone swing merely takes advantage of that feature. You do not alter any game code in Pokemon Go nor do you use any third party apps to alter the function of the game. In fact, Niantic provides you with everything necessary to allow a phone swing and shaker to work. If they had a significant problem with this interaction, they would merely disable and remove Adventure Sync from the game.

To date, I have earned hundreds of kilometers per week by shaking my phone as I work. As of 2021, I walked 35,989 kilometers and hatched 5,900 Pokemon Go eggs utilizing only the free and infinite incubator.

First Pokemon Go Phone Swing - Orzero Steps Counter

I initially purchased the Orzero Steps Counter because I was sold on the idea of it allowing two phones to swing at once. This was their claim:

It can hold 2 phones on the Support plate with the Rubber band at the same time to help you and your family to earn steps together quietly.

I figured Mrs Yinz Buy and I could both hatch Pokemon Go eggs and earn buddy candy together with 1 swing, so the higher purchase price of $19.99 (compared to other phone swings) seemed like a win-win.

When the Orzero Steps Counter phone swing arrived, it was clear almost immediately that I was in for a bit of trouble. The entire device is made of a lightweight plastic that you assemble with a few snaps. The carrier plate for the phone then sits on the upright prongs and rotates on a small metallic cylinder. This cylinder barely fits into the notches, but as soon as you insert a phone with any weight into the swing, the plastic arms split apart due to the weight. On its own, there is no possible way this swing can work.

Orzero Steps Counter

pokemon go eggs orzero steps counter phone orzero steps counter arm pokemon go eggs orzero steps counter doesnt work pokemon go eggs orzero steps counter olive jar orzero steps counter arm connection

For a month, I managed to make the swing work by bracing one of the arms with an empty jar of olives. It was a simple and crude method to provide some stability and keep the arms from splitting apart.

What about using TWO phones in the swing as advertised?

In short, don’t bother. We tried doing tandem phones, and the results were lackluster. Aside from the fear of the device breaking apart at any moment sending our phones careening to the ground, two phones are simply so heavy that the barely allow for any swinging movement. One of us might receive a tiny bit of distance in game from this, but it was not consistent.


I personally would not purchase this swing again. I certainly did manage to get the device to work with a homemade setup, but in judging the phone swing out of the box, it simply will not hold your phone and allow you to swing for distance in Pokemon Go. This is a rare instance where you can potentially go with a cheaper option and receive better results.

Second Pokemon Go Phone Swing - Stop Motion Stand Shaker

Despite the first phone swing not working to my liking, I did see the benefit of the device when I got it to work. Thus, I decided to purchase a separate phone swing for Mrs Yinz Buy.  Enter the Stop Motion Stand Shaker.

Even though the Stand Shaker comes in at a cheaper price, the entire swing is made from metal. The arms of the swing are actually long enough that they extend past the vertical arms arising from the base. This gave me a lot more confidence in the swing being able to function without any additional fussing necessary. There were also two sets of arms to insert into the electronic base. Both are plastic, but one set is entirely plastic, and the other tops off in metal. Both of these have pros and cons.

Stop Motion Stand Shaker

stop motion stand shaker phone pokemon go eggs stop motion stand shaker pokemon go eggs stop motion arms stand shaker arms

I didn’t realize there were two sets of arms until the other day. Mrs Yinz Buy initially utilized the plastic arms, and we had no issues earning egg distance in Pokemon Go. The swing can make a little bit of noise as the swing arm gets into a perfect groove, but swinging on the plastic arms is a relatively quiet endeavor.

After using this phone swing A LOT over the following months, I’d start to find that it was more and more difficult to keep the phone swinging without having to give it an additional nudge or attempting to unplug the device and remove the magnet swing from the base to allow it time to rest. Turns out, physics and friction is a real thing!

Stop Motion Stand Shaker Plastic Arm Problems

stop motion stand shaker plastic arms stand shaker plastic arms closeup

As you can see, from having the phone swing run for hours and hours a day, the metal phone swing dug a groove into one of the vertical plastic arms. This is why my swing couldn’t find the sweet spot and would periodically stop.

Luckily, we had the second set of arms with a metallic top. Thus far, this set of arms provides an effortless and smooth swing that we didn’t even see initially from the plastic arms. The one main difference is that with metal rubbing on metal, the rolling motion is a bit louder than with the metal on plastic components.

Do Phone Swings work in Pokemon Go?

From my experience with two different phone swings, the answer is a resounding yes. They may not be perfect devices, and I certainly prefer the second swing to the first, but they both work. I am not one for purchasing additional incubators in Pokemon Go, and I have no problem hatching through a number of eggs each day. You can also easily clear your 50 km weekly fitness goals in the game and receive those rewards (and eggs) on a weekly basis. (Chances are you’ll have 50 km by the end of Monday alone.)

pokemon go eggs weekly activity distance

Bonus Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Method - Socks

You read that correct. It may not be a great secret anymore, but some of you may not know the power of socks with an Adventure Sync Pokemon Go app. With Adventure Sync enabled, you simply drop your phone inside a sock and shake and bounce the sock.

pokemon go eggs sock

Surprisingly, bouncing your phone inside a sock is the best way to gain egg and buddy distance when compared to other methods. (This includes even simply carrying your phone with you as you walk.) The difference here is that you have to actively participate in the distance gains, as you’ll only hatch your Pokemon Go eggs as long as you are bouncing the phone in the sock. It’s faster, but you can’t simply set it and forget it like you can with a phone swing.

So, those are two different non-traditional methods for hatching eggs in Pokemon Go. I’ve had loads of success using these methods and recommend them to anyone who is looking to hatch more eggs with their free incubator. If you can’t get out and about in your current situation, there’s no reason for you to miss out on the rewards and shiny Pokemon that Niantic continues to release in game. For under $20, you can purchase a phone swing and allow it to work for you while you go about your business. Alternatively, simply grab a sock from your drawer and bounce your way to a female Riolu!

pokemon go eggs female riolu

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