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6.5’ Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chair – Pokémon Nap Buddy


Do you love sleeping, lounging around, and all things Pokémon? Then you need the giant Snorlax bean bag chair in your life! This larger-than-life plush Snorlax pillow captures the essence of the lovable sleeping Pokémon.

Snorlax is known for its big size and even bigger love of sleeping and eating. Just looking at Snorlax makes you want to take a nap! Now you can curl up with a giant-sized version of the popular Pokémon with this giant Snorlax bean bag chair.

Snorlax Bean Bag Overview

  • Materials: Cotton exterior, polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • Size: 6.5 feet tall
  • Weight: 66 lbs recommended stuffing
  • Features: Plush Snorlax design, sleeping pose, easy-access zipper
  • Usage: Bed, chair, lounging space

This giant Snorlax plush toy is an unstuffed bean bag pillow, so you can customize the filling to your preferences. With its huge size and incredibly soft exterior, this Snorlax pillow is perfect for sleeping, reading, watching TV, and just casually hanging out. Kids and adults alike will love having their own giant Snorlax to relax with!

Plush Snorlax Pillow Key Features and Benefits

Life-Sized Plush Snorlax Design

This bean bag captures all the cute details of Snorlax in an impressively large size. The plush exterior features Snorlax’s signature blue and cream color pattern and white accents. Snorlax’s eyes are closed as he slumbers in his favorite sleeping position – on his back with his feet in the air.

The sheer size of this Snorlax pillow is sure to delight any Pokémon fan. At 6.5 feet tall, this giant bean bag allows you to literally curl up and sleep alongside a life-sized Snorlax!

Customizable Filling

One of the best features of this unstuffed Snorlax plush is that you can customize the interior filling. This gives you control over the bean bag’s firmness and support.

For a supersoft Snorlax pillow, polyester fiberfill or down are great options. To use the Snorlax as a bean bag chair, shredded memory foam or bean bag filler beads create a firmer surface. The general recommendation is 66 lbs of filling for this oversized bean bag.

Cozy Yet Supportive

With its plush exterior and generous filling, this Snorlax bean bag is incredibly soft, cozy and comfortable. The lightweight cotton cover feels velvety smooth against your skin. Yet the sturdy filling provides supportive cushioning for your body, unlike a traditional bean bag.

Whether you want to lounge, read, play video games, or just straight up nap, the Snorlax pillow cradles and conforms to your body. For kids, it’s perfect for stuffed animal storage, playing pretend, or just jumping into a mountain of softness!

giant snorlax bean bag chair pokemon pillow relaxation

Easy Access Zipper

An easy open zipper is conveniently located on the back of the Snorlax pillow. This makes it simple to add or remove filling so you can adjust the bean bag to your perfect comfort level.

Multipurpose Usage

This versatile Snorlax can be used in so many ways! Place it on your bed as a giant body pillow or reading pillow. Use it as a chair or gaming bean bag in your living room. Let it become the coziest spot for movie nights or sleepovers. It’s also wonderful for dorm rooms, nurseries, playrooms – any space needing a supersized plush lounge buddy!

What Can You Fill the Snorlax Bean Bag With?

One of the best parts of an unstuffed bean bag is getting to choose your own filling. Here are some of the most popular options for stuffing your giant Snorlax pillow:

  • Polyester Fiberfill – Very soft and lightweight. Makes the Snorlax into more of a giant pillow.
  • Down Feathers – Adds cloud-like softness and insulation. Excellent for a sleeping or reading pillow.
  • Shredded Memory Foam – Provides cushioning support. Creates a lounge chair texture.
  • Polystyrene Beans – Traditional bean bag filling. Gives a firmer, supportive structure.
  • EPS Beads – Similar to beans but more lightweight. Allows the Snorlax to conform to your body shape.

No matter which filling type you choose, make sure to fluff the Snorlax often to maintain even distribution and maximum coziness!

giant snorlax bean bag chair pokemon pillow unfilled

Reasons to Love This Plush Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

There are so many reasons this giant Snorlax bean bag delivers relaxing bliss:

  • Giant size – At 6.5 feet tall, this Snorlax pillow is larger than life and oh so huggable!
  • Adorable design – Who doesn’t love the cute sleeping Snorlax pose? It’s sure to make anyone smile.
  • So soft – The plush exterior feels heavenly against your skin. A velvety dream come true!
  • Customizable – With different filling options, you control the balance of softness and support.
  • Multipurpose – Chair, lounger, bed, pillow, reading nook – Snorlax does it all in ultimate comfort.
  • Easy to use – The convenient zipper lets you access and adjust the interior filling easily.
  • Fun for all ages – Kids, teens, and adults can all enjoy this cozy Snorlax companion!

No matter how you use it, this giant bean bag adds a fun, comfortable spot for lounging and playtime. It’s sure to become the most popular seat in the house!

Where to Buy the Giant Snorlax Bean Bag

Looking to catch your very own giant Snorlax bean bag? Here are some top retailers to check out:

So get ready to catch some ZZZs with your own giant Snorlax bean bag today! Keep in mind that even with these major retailers, the giant Snorlax bean bag appears to be difficult to find in stock ever since it was discontinued from Think Geek.

If you do find one, make sure to add your preferred filling, and start snoozing in Pokémon style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Snorlax bean bag pre-stuffed?

No, this giant Snorlax comes empty without filling. This allows you to choose your preferred filling material and customize the amount for your desired comfort level.

How much filling does it need?

The manufacturer recommends around 66 lbs of filling for the 6.5 foot size. The exact amount can vary based on your preferred firmness and filling material. Start with 50 lbs then add more until it feels perfect!

What is the Snorlax bean bag made out of?

The exterior covering is a soft, plush cotton material. The interior filling can be polyester fiber, memory foam, polystyrene beads, etc – whichever you choose!

Where is the best place to put a Snorlax bean bag?

A giant Snorlax pillow works great in bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms, dorms, offices, really anywhere you want a cozy seating or lounging area! It makes an adorable reading nook or gaming bean bag too.

Is this bean bag good for kids?

Absolutely! The giant size and soft fabric make it perfect for play and imagination. Kids will love using it for stuffed animal storage, reading, jumping, or just having their own huge Snorlax to curl up with.

Will my dog or cat try to tear it open?

The durable cotton cover should resist damage from claws. But supervision is recommended, especially with destructive pets prone to chewing.

How do I clean the Snorlax bean bag?

Spot clean the cotton exterior with a damp cloth as needed. The cover can also be removed and machine washed on cold, then air dried. Do not machine wash the filling.

Can adults lay down fully on the Snorlax bean bag?

Yes! At 6.5 feet tall, the giant Snorlax size can accommodate most adults laying horizontally. It makes a wonderfully comfortable reading or napping spot.

The Verdict: Must-Have for Pokémon and Lounging Fans!

From its adorable sleepy Snorlax design to its irresistible softness, this giant bean bag chair is sure to delight Pokémon lovers of all ages. With its customizable filling and supportive structure, the Snorlax pillow can serve as everything from a reading nook to a movie viewing bean bag. Its high quality plush cover and huge 6.5 foot size ensure relaxing comfort and durability.

Overall, this giant plush Snorlax bean bag is a must-have addition to any home looking for a fun, novelty seating option. Kids and adults alike will love having their own life-sized Snorlax to lounge with!

Ready to catch some zzz’s with your very own giant Snorlax pillow? Grab this bean bag buddy today and enjoy the coziest naps ever!

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