How to Gift Wrap an Umbrella (Simple Guide)


I am obsessed with inverted umbrellas. They have literally changed the way I’m able to get in and out of a car while it’s raining. So, naturally, I plan to gift them to everyone I know now, because they are awesome. This then raised the question of how to gift wrap an umbrella.

Didn’t think about that, did you? I didn’t either. However, thanks to my conundrum, I’m pleased to tell you I’ve got some helpful solutions to solve this wrapping dilemma.

This is, of course, assuming your umbrella doesn’t arrive in a box already. I’m pretty sure even I could handle wrapping it in a nice, neat box. We’re aiming to tackle the unruly shape of a (gasp) naked umbrella!

Without further ado, here’s our simple guide on how to gift wrap an umbrella as a present:

1. Gather Your Supplies 

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 1 gather your supplies copyright yinzbuy
Step 1; Gather your supplies

You will need:

  • An umbrella, obviously
  • Wrapping paper (heavy duty is best) or decorative fabric
  • Scissors
  • Gift tape or double-sided tape
  • Ribbon and/or bow (optional)

2. Roll Out Wrapping Paper or Fabric on a Large, Flat Surface

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 2 roll out wrapping paper on a large flat surface copyright yinzbuy
Step 2: Roll out wrapping paper

You’ll want some room to maneuver. I recommend using either the:

  • Floor
  • Dining Room Table
  • Countertop
  • Craft Table
  • Other Open Workspace

3. Place the Umbrella in the Center of Your Paper

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 3 place the umbrella in the center of the paper copyright yinzbuy
Step 3: Place umbrella in center

4. Cut the Paper or Fabric to Size, if Needed 

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 4 cut paper to fit copyright yinzbuy
Step 4: Cut paper to fit

You’ll want about 4” of overhang on the top and bottom, and at least 2” of overlap when the paper is folded over the umbrella lengthwise. 

Depending on the size of your umbrella, you’ll likely need around 4 feet of wrapping paper to accomplish this.

 If you can find a large width wrapping paper (40” or more) then you may be able to fit the umbrella across instead of lengthwise. However, since standard size gift paper is 18-36” on average (Source) this may be difficult.

5. Fold the Top and Bottom Edges of the Paper Over the Umbrella Ends

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 5 fold the top and bottom edges copyright yinzbuy
Step 5: Fold top and bottom edges

Secure with gift tape

6. Now, Fold One Side Lengthwise Across the Umbrella

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 6 fold one lengthwise side over the umbrella copyright yinzbuy
Step 6: Fold one side over the umbrella

Use tape to secure the top, middle, and bottom edges

7. Repeat With the Opposite Side, Folding Lengthwise

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 7 repeat with the opposite lengthwise side copyright yinzbuy
Step 7: Repeat with the opposite lengthwise side

If you don’t want visible tape marks, use double-sided tape for this part of the process instead of regular gift tape

8. Add Finishing Touches if Desired

how to gift wrap an umbrella step 8 add finishing touches copyright yinzbuy
Step 8: Add finishing touches

Here is where you may feel free to add a bow, ribbon, or attach a nice card to your perfect gift wrapped umbrella!

Alternate Bottom Wrapping Method

If you want to get a little fancier than the straight forward method above when you gift wrap your umbrella, this one’s for you. You’re going to follow basically the same overall process as above, except we’re going to make a multi-fold bottom that will make a little tube for your umbrella.

Follow steps 1-3 the same. When you reach step 4, instead of 4” of paper overhang, up it to 6” for the handle side of the umbrella. Here is how you’ll replace steps 5-7 to do this more complex wrapping method:

1. Remove the umbrella from your cut-to-size paper

alt bottom step 1 remove umbrella from cut to size paper copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 1: Remove umbrella

2. Fold equal portions from each side lengthwise, leaving the seam facing up

alt bottom step 2 fold equal portions lengthwise with seam in the middle copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 2: Fold with seam in the middle

3. Estimate about 3-4” from the bottom, and create a fold widthwise across the paper there. You want it to make as close to a true square as you can, based on the width of your paper

alt bottom step 3 fold 3 to 4 inches from the bottom
Alt Step 3: Fold 3-4 inches from bottom

4. Open the folded section out, then push the left and right edges towards the center to create a diamond shape

alt bottom step 4 open folded section and push edges together to create a diamond copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 4: Push edges to form a diamond

5. Fold the top and the bottom of the diamond to make an hourglass shape in the middle. Secure with a piece of tape (or double sided tape)

alt bottom step 5 fold top and bottom sections to create an hourglass copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 5: Form an hourglass by folding top and bottom

6. Place the umbrella in the paper, expanding the bottom pocket out to form a flat base

alt bottom step 6 expand bottom pocket to form flat base copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 6: Expand bottom pocket

7. Tape the long side of the paper to secure

alt bottom step 7 tape the long side to secure copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 7: Tape up the long side

8. At the top of the paper, fold a triangular shaped portion on each side in, creating an upward point

alt bottom step 8 create an upward point at the top copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 8: Create an upward point at top

9. Fold the point down, then secure with tape

alt bottom step 9 fold the top point down and secure with tape copyright yinzbuy
Alt Step 9: Fold down the top point

Feel free to add any extra decorations you desire, as with the previous step. Note that this method does not work well for fabric. You’ll need the stiffness from a thick wrapping paper or craft paper to execute successfully.

alternate wrapping finished standing product copyright yinzbuy
Alternate wrapping finished standing product

That’s a Wrap on Our Simple Guide of How to Gift Wrap an Umbrella

Hopefully you’ve come away with ample knowledge so you too can gift wrap an umbrella as a present. You and your recipients will all be singing in the rain before you know it!

They’re such a functional present as well, which is one of the things I love most about them. Unless I’m at a water park, I don’t want to be wet. So, why not give the gift that everyone can use?

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