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Prank Gift Boxes – Is it a Cheese Printer or Just a Prank Bro?


Why the heck would yinz buy me a cheese printer? If you wanted funny colored cheese you could have just checked the back of the fridge!  What’s that? It’s one of your prank gift boxes? If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to give a gift to someone in a less than usual package, then read on!

Prank gift boxes allow you to wrap your gift in a joke box!

These prank gift boxes are sure to bring first confusion and then laughter to the recipient! This novelty item allows you to wrap your real gift inside a fake box such as the aforementioned cheese printer, or the hayneedle (the game of finding the needle in the haystack), spit ‘n’ slide (the race to the drool pool) and the turn ‘n’ churn – the travel ice cream maker that attaches to your car’s hubcap!

These prank gift boxes focus on attention to detail! With detailed pictures and descriptions on the box, your recipient will surely believe you’ve given them the most bizarre gift imaginable! When they finally figure it out, it’ll have everyone in the room laughing!

Made of 100% recycled cardboard, these boxes are eco friendly too!  Coming in at 11.25” x 9” x 3.25” they’ll fit a variety of real gifts.  Best of all, they ship flat and are easy to assemble with no tools or glue needed! Please note this is an empty box that is intended for you to put the real gift inside, it does not include any ridiculous gift pictured on the outside of the box.

So if someone in your family has a Birthday or Christmas celebration coming up and you want to bring the laughs, grab one of these great prank gift boxes and enjoy the show!

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