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DRINKO – The Price Is Right Classic PLINKO Drinking Game


Looking to liven up your next party or game night? Searching for an entertaining drinking game that will get the good times flowing? Look no further than DRINKO – the outrageously fun revamp of the classic The Price Is Right TV game show turned on its head into a hilarious adult drinking extravaganza.

In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about DRINKO, from how to play, game rules, and tips to take your next DRINKO party to the next level. Ready to find out if this adult drinking game is right for your next gathering? Let’s dive in!

An Overview of DRINKO – The Drinking Game

DRINKO is a drinking game created by Fairly Odd Novelties that takes inspiration from the beloved classic TV game show, The Price is Right. More specifically, DRINKO is a revamped version of Plinko, one of The Price is Right’s most iconic games.

Just like on the original show, players drop tokens down a tall pegboard and watch as they ricochet back and forth until landing in a slot at the bottom. But instead of winning prizes, the slots in DRINKO correspond to shot glasses filled with your booze of choice. Wherever your chip lands, you have to take the shot!

It’s the perfect mashup of nostalgic entertainment and drinking games, providing hours of fun competitive play in a sleek adult package. Let’s look at the key components that make up DRINKO:

  • Durable game board – The DRINKO game board is built to last, with an acrylic cover protecting sturdy metal pegs. No flimsy materials here.
  • Shot glasses – DRINKO includes 6 clear glass shot glasses, each printed with a colored letter matching a board slot: D, R, I, N, K, O. The 1 oz glasses are perfect for both shots and mixers.
  • Colored chips – To match the shot glasses, 6 colored plastic chips are included, which players drop into the top of the board. Durable and sized for clean drops.
  • Full color box – DRINKO comes packaged in an attractive full color box, perfect for gifting or storage when not in use.

With these high-quality components and instant recognizable concept, DRINKO delivers exciting group play every time. Now let’s get into the fun – how to play!

drinko plinko board shot glass drinking game

How to Play DRINKO – A Wild Twist on Plinko

DRINKO builds on the simple format of Plinko and adds in alcohol for hilarious, fast-paced competitive drinking fun. Here are the basics to play:

Set Up

  1. Fill each shot glass with 1 oz of your drink of choice – cocktails, liqueurs, beer, wine, etc. Place glasses in a row near the board.
  2. Designate a playing order. Youngest player goes first.


  1. First player takes a colored chip and drops it into the top of the DRINKO board. No skill involved here – it’s all luck!
  2. The chip bounces down the board between the pegs in a zigzag pattern until reaching a bottom slot.
  3. Check which letter the chip landed in. The player drinks the shot corresponding to that letter, then refills the glass.
  4. Next player takes a turn, repeating the dropping and drinking process.
  5. Play continues rotating player turns until you decide to stop!

It’s as simple as that. The randomness makes it exciting – you never know whose drink you’ll end up taking next! Now let’s get into some additional game rules and variations to really take your DRINKO games up a notch.

drinko adult shot glass drinking game

Additional DRINKO Game Rules and Variations

One of the best parts about DRINKO is how versatile it is. The basic format provides endless opportunities to spice up the gameplay with creative rules and variations. Here are some popular options:

  • Player colors – Assign each player a colored chip to match a colored shot glass. When your chip lands in a slot, that player drinks.
  • Call your shot – Before dropping, each player calls out which slot they will land in. If correct, player assigns a drink. If wrong, the player drinks.
  • Head to head – Two players go at once. First chip to reach bottom wins. Loser drinks both shots landed on.
  • Points game – Assign point values to slots. First to reach set total points wins. Players drink shots landed on.
  • Themed drinks – Pick fun themes like cocktails, shots, or crazy mixtures for each glass. Get creative!

You can also incorporate non-alcoholic drinks or food for younger players or designated drivers. The options are endless with this game once you start getting imaginative. Try out new ways to play at each get-together!

In fact, if the kids or your designated driver want to play along, pick up Food’oh too. It’s the exact same concept, but with food instead of alcohol. You could even play both together! Chase your vodka shot with relish and your bourbon with applesauce, I’m not judging.

Now that you have the basics down, let’s go over some strategy, tips, and frequently asked questions to take your DRINKO skills to the next level.

DRINKO Strategy Guide and Pro Tips

DRINKO relies entirely on luck, right? Drop your chip and see where fate takes you. Well, not so fast. There are some strategies, tricks, and tips to increase your odds of drinking less while sending shots to your opponents. Here I break down tactics to up your DRINKO game:

  • Drop style – While chip results are random, how you drop can influence the path. Try less powered normal drops or angled/side drops. See what works best!
  • Call smart – If using the call your shot variation, study the board’s bounces and peg layout to pick a slot you notice gets hit more often.
  • Know your token – Chips can have slight weight differences. Pay attention and select the one that seems lucky!
  • Refill smart – Only refill cups right before your turn. Saves you from drinking a shot someone else just landed on.
  • Divert and distract – Some subtle distractions to opponents while dropping can’t hurt! Time a funny joke for when they release their chip.

While DRINKO involves mostly chance, little things like these can help bend luck in your favor during games. Try them out and see what works to avoid drinking the most shots!

Got this for a white elephant gift exchange and it was the most fought over gift! Ended up going home with it myself 🙂 Definitely recommend for some hilarious group drinking fun – just be sure to have a DD!

Frequently Asked Questions About DRINKO

How many people can play DRINKO?

The game supports 2-6 players out of the box with 6 colored chips/glasses provided. You can purchase additional chips and glasses separately from Fairly Odd Novelties to accommodate more players if desired.

What alcohols work best for DRINKO?

The 1 oz shot glasses accommodate all kinds of alcohol. Shooters like vodka, rum, tequila, and whisky work great to take as straight shots. For a longer game, try wine, beer, cocktails, or mixed drinks. Get creative with themes!

How do you win at DRINKO?

There’s no real winner in the classic game. It’s designed for everyone to drink until you decide to stop playing! Some game variations do declare winners, like the points or head-to-head formats.

Is DRINKO just like Plinko?

DRINKO takes the Plinko format as inspiration but transforms it into a drinking game. Instead of prizes, you take shots! The DRINKO board itself and gameplay experience also differentiate it from the TV show.

How do you clean and store the DRINKO game?

DRINKO’s components are hand wash only. Use mild soap and water on the shot glasses, chips, and board cover as needed. Store them with the game board in the full color box when not in use.

What are the DRINKO package dimensions and weight?

DRINKO comes packaged in a 10.94” x 2.67” x 9.94” box that weighs approximately 2.4 pounds. It’s lightweight and compact enough for easy storage and portability.

Does DRINKO include game rules and instructions?

Yes, the game includes a basic quick start guide with setup instructions and the main gameplay rules to get you started quickly.

Where to Buy DRINKO and Current Prices

Looking to get your own DRINKO drinking game? Here are the best purchase options for the latest prices:

Make your purchase based on your favorite online shopping outlet. It never hurts to look for the best price, but don’t forget about places where you can find free and fast shipping!

It really doesn’t matter where you buy this drinking game as everybody wins at DRINKO!

Final DRINKO Review Verdict

So – should you buy DRINKO for your next party or adult game night? In my extensive review, here are the key pros and cons we found:


  • Play a mini version of The Price Is Right’s most popular game
  • Simple and fast-paced gameplay
  • High quality game materials built to last
  • Endless variations keep it fresh
  • Perfect for parties and drinking games
  • Attractive packaging great for gifts
  • Hundreds of positive reviews back up the fun


  • More chips/glasses needed for big groups
  • Non-drinkers may not find the game as enjoying
  • High luck factor means less skill involved

Overall, if you’re looking for a lively, interactive drinking game that will keep your parties buzzing with laughs and good times, DRINKO delivers. The nostalgic theming gives it broad appeal across age groups, while the unpredictable shot bouncing leads to raucous fun.

It’s an instant hit at gatherings thanks to familiar gameplay with an adult twist. For under $25, DRINKO gives you hours of lighthearted entertainment with friends and makes a fantastic gift.

Ready to add DRINKO to your next game night? Get the best deals now on Amazon using my button below before it sells out! Drop in for the wildest version of Plinko ever – DRINKO is sure to become your new party staple.

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With so many options, you’ll never have a boring game night again. Try out a new drinking game each time for unpredictable fun and laughter. DRINKO is a great addition to any party lineup!

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