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The Inflatable Human Bowling Ball Game Lets You Roll with It


If you’ve ever envisioned yourself hurtling down the lane at a bowling alley and knocking down the pins with your body, then I have good news for you. You’ll now be able to live out that dream without having to skid down a greased-up lane, thanks to the inflatable human bowling ball game.

I couldn’t help but give it a spin (or is that a roll?), and I want to share my impressions with you if you’re thinking of setting up a backyard bowling alley this summer.

What is the Inflatable Human Bowling Ball Game?

The inflatable human bowling ball game is much like it sounds. A player zips into a giant inflatable ball. Then, they run inside it to roll down a large, inflated track towards a set of bowling pins at the end.

Basically, you become the ball in this larger-than-life outdoor bowling alley. Though, it does offer more control than regular bowling. I just hope I can finally score a turkey!

Features of the Human Bowling Game

  • Includes ball, lane, and 6 pins
  • Suitable for ages 5 and up
  • Made from weather resistant vinyl
  • Pins filled with foam for stability
  • Ground tethers are included
Human bowling experience

Pros and Cons: Things to Know About the Inflatable Human Bowling Ball Game

  • Suitable for kids through adults
  • Fun outdoor activity
  • Reusable through many seasons
  • Requires a lot of space
  • While rip and tear resistant, it can be damaged
  • High price point
  • Needs to be plugged in continuously during use

Are There Different Versions of the Human Bowling Game?

There are no different versions of this human bowling game.

However, other varieties of human bowling games do exist, though they are not readily available for retail sale.  The variations typically seen are:

  • Track shape and color
  • Number of pins
  • Size and style of ball

All of them are designed to work in the same fashion, though.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Human Bowling Game

How do you play human bowling?

1. Roll out the alley on the ground
2. Plug in the blower and allow to inflate
3. Add tether stakes to secure to ground
4. Place pins at end of alley in 1-2-3 triangular pattern
5. Inflate PVC ball
6. Unzip zipper, step inside, and re-zip to secure
7. Walk or run inside the ball to propel forward
8. Roll down the alley, trying to knock down as many pins as possible
9. If playing with other people, swap players in ball
10. Repeat for as many “frames” as desired
11. The player who has knocked down the most pins wins

I recommend doing 10 rounds like a real bowling game. However, if you’re short on time, feel free to adjust to fewer passes.

Where can you set up the human bowling game?

The human bowling game is designed for use on grass. Rocky terrain may damage the inflatables. Sand is too soft to hold tethers, and concrete or other hard surfaces cannot accept the anchors either.

If you did want to use it in sand or a hard surface, I think you may be able to modify the tethers and secure it in another fashion. Just note that that is not the intended use.

Similar Products to the Inflatable Human Bowling Game

There are no similar products for sale to compare to this giant inflatable bowling game.

However, I found a human bowling ball rental option that’s a pretty similar set up. If you’re having a party and plan to just use it one time, this may be a more cost effective alternative to purchasing your own.

Human bubble bowling

In this version:

  • There is no alley, pins are placed on the ground
  • Legs stick out from the ball, and you run along the ground and “bump” the pins
  • Would work on other surfaces more easily

I love the convenience of having one to use any time I want, but I also understand that might not be an option for everyone.

Our Overall Ratings of the Inflatable Human Bowling Game

7Expert Score
Inflatable Human Bowling Game

This human bowling game requires a little prep work for setup and takedown, and a lot of space. However, it’s family fun approved by kids and adults alike. While the up front cost is a lot, I expect to use this toy for several seasons.

Ease of Use
Fun Factor

Bottom Line

In short: If you’re able to invest a little bit more for a game everyone will enjoy for several years, then I think this inflatable human bowling game is a great pick. You could even rent it out to others when not in use to recoup some of that initial investment.

I enjoy bowling, being outdoors, and playing games with friends and family. To me, this is a no-brainer choice for a good time. However, I also realize this toy isn’t practical or possible for everyone, so use your best judgment of your own situation!

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