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Home Aquatic Gym – Soothe Sore Joints and Tone Muscles!


I love the workout I get from swim aerobics classes. What I don’t love, however, are shared locker rooms and having to work out in front of other people. Thank goodness for the home aquatic gym I got. Now, I can get a great workout in my own personal spa.

A home aquatic gym resembles a hot tub, but it does so much more. It allows for low-impact workouts and therapy to be performed in a soothing environment. Soothe sore joints and still get in a muscle-toning workout, without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

The home aquatic gym is the exercise pool designed specifically for home use!

A home aquatic gym brings all the benefits of your favorite therapy and exercise pool right into your home. It allows up to five people to take advantage of a low-impact, soothing workout space. However, feel free to keep it all to yourself – I know I would!

From the outside, this aquatic gym looks much like a traditional hot tub. In many ways, internally it does as well. An integrated heating system provides muscle-soothing comfort that’s great for exercise as well as just relaxing and enjoying it like a spa.

Four built in cup holders provide a place for your drinks. Whether it’s keeping hydrated while working out, or enjoying a treat while relaxing, it’s got you covered.

Two river jets not only make this tub seem like a spa, but they generate up to 785 gallons per minute of resistance to work out with.

What can I do in a home aquatic gym?

There are a variety of different exercise you can complete in a home aquatic gym:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Swimming in place
  • Rowing
  • Underwater arm exercises

The spa is equipped with handlebars, a seat, and row bars to be able to perform these various functions. Resistance levels are also customizable for different users and different routines.

Aquatic gyms are ideal for toning muscles, improving balance, and general improving mobility. The low impact of the environment reduces the joint pain and strain experienced on dry land. This makes it ideal for those with arthritic or similar conditions which prevent normal exercise.

In fact, aquatic exercise is just as effective as a land exercise, with a noticeable reduction in pain, particularly in those suffering from osteoarthritis.

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Additional Notes

  • Unit measures 100″ W x 88″ L x 46″ H and weighs about 800 pounds
  • Spa itself is a 7’ Square with 4’ Depth
  • Grab the AquaBlast pool punching bag for some underwater low impact aquatic exercise!
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