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Bath Bombs for Men – The Masculine and Manly Way to Relax


I have to tell you guys something. My muscles hurt after my workout yesterday, so I caved and used one of my wife’s bath bombs. Let me tell you how amazing I felt, aside from smelling like a rose. It was so worth it that I’m getting some bath bombs for men for the same effect, but with masculine scents!

Bath bombs for men are the same ingredient base as any other bath bomb but are infused with more masculine scents. Of course, women may still use them as well, or feel free to share a bath. You’ll leave the bath feeling refreshed, clean, and smelling of Earthy tones.

Bath bombs for men are everything you love about a relaxing bath, with manly scents!

Look, guys need pampering too. Thanks to bath bombs for men, now you can enjoy the soothing, relaxing comfort of a bath without smelling like a Valentine’s Day bouquet.

See, these manly bath bombs are created with all the normal goodness of a bath dissolving bomb. They have shea butter to moisturize your skin, and essential oils to relax your muscles, ease stress, and elevate your senses.

Thankfully, the essential oils used in these bath bombs are selected specifically to be more masculine scents. You won’t hesitate to jump in after a long workout or a stressful day at work when you know you won’t leave smelling like a peach!

You’ll receive a total of eight 2.5-ounce bath bombs. Here are the manly scents you’ll get with bath bombs for men:

  • Fire. This scent features lemongrass and orange for energy and inspiration
  • Stone. Peppermint scented to aid in muscle soothing
  • Earth. Relieve stress and relax muscles with the scent of Jasmine
  • Water. Aloe helps to restore and smooth your skin
  • Wood. Sandalwood helps relieve anxiety and increases awareness
  • Sun. Bright vanilla scent improves your mood
  • Air. Green tea improves mental and physical balance
  • Mountain. Eucalyptus is great for your sinuses and relieving tension

Each one is made of natural and organic ingredients. They won’t stain your tub (or your skin) but will leave you feeling relaxed, soothed, and energized. Every bomb is a different color, but primarily are brown, red, green, and yellow earth tones.

The manly bath bombs for men come individually wrapped in a gift ready box. They’re sealed in plastic to preserve freshness, and an opener is included to make life easier.

Can women use bath bombs for men?

Yes, women can use bath bombs for men. They are made of the same ingredients and are completely safe like any other bath bomb. The only difference is the scent.

In fact, if you’re not a fan of very feminine scents, you may prefer these. They’re also great for a couple’s bath, for time to relax together!


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Additional Notes

  • Great for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary gift
  • Rated 4.5 stars with nearly 500 reviews!
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