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Cauldron Bath Bomb – The Magic Witches Brew for Relaxation


Bubble, bubble, boil, and trouble what? If you kids are making soup in the bathtub again, your mom is going to be so angry. I’m not explaining that mess to her again. You’re just taking a bath with a cauldron bath bomb? I always knew you were secretly little witches. I’ll probably find a toad in my coffee next.

A cauldron bath bomb is created the same as a regular one. Use a mix of baking soda, citric acid, and dyes or fragrances as desired. Instead of a circular mold, the ingredients are pressed into a small plastic cauldron instead. Once the cauldron is placed into the tub, it bubbles and brews.

Make bath time fun with a witches brew using your cauldron bath bomb!

Witches don’t just take normal baths; they use a cauldron bath bomb! These adorable little fizzing bombs are the perfect addition for bath time fun. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween or just feeling a little witchy, they’ve got you covered.

This set of 4 bath bombs is ready to transport you to the witching hour. Each 7 ounce cauldron holds a different color and scent of witches brews:

  • Red, in pumpkin spice scent. If you’re a pumpkin spice fan, then check out our list of the weirdest pumpkin spice products you can buy!
  • Orange, which is pumpkin pie.
  • Purple is a soothing lavender scent. Want to learn more about aromatherapy? Check out our guide to creating a home spa with an aromatherapy shower!
  • Green is the traditional scent of witches brew.

In fairness, I don’t really know what all is in a witches brew. I’d imagine some eye of newt, bat wings, etc. I jest, these bath bombs are made from totally natural ingredients. In fact, they even have apricot kernel oil, which helps to nourish and hydrate skin. No scaly witch skin for you!

If the fun bomb wasn’t enough, each little cauldron also contains a hidden surprise creepy crawly. That might include a scorpion, cockroach, spider, rat, centipede, and more. The kids will love them – adults, maybe not so much. I envision finding one in my morning coffee, like a creature cup, but scarier.

After bath time, reuse these cauldrons for anything you like. Make homemade bath bombs, use them as décor, and they also make great party favors!

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Additional Notes

  • Won’t help with that wart on your nose (sorry)
  • Will not gain broom flying abilities or be able to turn your neighbor into a toad
  • #2 best seller in Handmade Bath Bombs on Amazon
  • Perfect 5 star rating so far!
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