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Banshees Precision Throwing Cards – Ideal for Trick Throws


Hold on, were yinz playing 52 card pickup in the living room? No? Then why are there cards all over my floor? Oh, you were pretending to be Gambit. Here, toss some of these throwing cards instead and stop ruining all my good poker cards – I’m spending more money on cards than I’m winning! While you’re at it, go outside too – the last thing I need is your mom to find out you put holes in her favorite painting of Franco Harris.

These Banshees throwing cards are the ultimate in trick cards!

The Banshee throwing cards are designed to be the ultimate trick throwing card, focused on precision, speed, impact and durability.  They’re engineered with a high-grade plastic that maximizes cutting and penetration. They also boast extra durability so you aren’t constantly buying new cards. These cards are designed exclusively for throwing (meaning, no card values are printed on them and they cannot be used like a regular playing deck) over and over. However, in lieu of card faces, they have die cut holes in them. The holes create an audible “cry” as they fly through the air. This gives them their signature Banshee name from the scream produced. They also have a special measuring system included on the faces so that you can track their progress into a target.

Banshee does note that while these throwing cards are about 5x more durable than a regular playing card, they aren’t indestructible. They recommend hanging a sheet behind your target. This helps to absorb shock, as high impact can cause chips or cracks to occur.

So, if you want to scream like a Banshee and throw cards like Bullseye, this might be just the set for you, or as a gift to the person who keeps “borrowing” all your playing cards…

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