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Solar Bird Feeder – Daytime Bird Watching & LED Night Lantern


I love watching the birds during the day. They’re always hanging around the feeder, singing their songs. All the beautiful colors are what I like most. I just wish that once the sun went down, I still had something colorful to watch. I should try a solar bird feeder so I can have the best of both. I just hope the birds like a feeder in the sun.

Birds prefer a feeder to be in a sunny area that also offers shelter from wind, rain, and other elements. However, visibility is also important, as birds need to watch for predators. Thus, with ideal bird feeder placement, a solar powered bird feeder should receive enough sun to charge.

The solar bird feeder works by charging in the sun during the day, so it can light up at night!

This solar bird feeder lantern works with the assistance of an attached solar powered panel. This powerful charging panel is located on the inclined copper roof of the bird feeder, facing skyward. It absorbs the sun’s rays during the day, storing the energy for use at night.

Once the sun goes down, the feeder automatically registers the light change and powers on the LED lights. The lights illuminate the colorful rainbow mosaic glass, creating a stunning garden lantern at night.

The lantern will light for 8-12 hours based on the charge that it receives during the day. Even on cloudy days, your solar lantern will still receive charge, though it may be slightly reduced over a full sun charge.

Are solar lantern bird feeders waterproof?

A solar bird feeder lantern is waterproof. This is especially important for keeping bird seed dry within the feeder. In fact, the solar panel itself seals the opening for filling the feeder, to ensure it stays dry in inclement weather.

Solar lights are even safe to be left out in the winter. The cold will not affect the ability to charge or light, though you may need to remove accumulated snow from the solar panel. So, no need to bring your feeder inside in the winter, which is great news for the birds struggling to find food in the cold.

How long does a solar light bird feeder last?

Generally, 3-5 years is the life expectancy on a solar light bird feeder. That is correlated to the life of the solar panel itself. After that time, it won’t charge as well, so it won’t power the lights. The LED lights themselves last about 10 years, so the solar panel will give out before they will.

The bird feeder itself is made from bronze, which is durable, eco-friendly, and strong against the elements. A central support column helps to further protect the feeder from damage. However, the bird feeder can still sustain damage from wildlife, which could further shorten its lifespan.

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Additional Notes

  • Comes fully assembled, ready to hang
  • Available in a bundle with a hanging hook if needed
  • Measures 13” tall, 7.8” wide, and weighs 2.7 pounds unfilled
  • Approximately 1 lb seed capacity
  • Recommended to only fill ½ the hopper at a time for better lighting at night
  • Not a squirrel proof feeder
  • Top 100 in Wild Bird Feeders on Amazon
  • 4.5 star rating with over 750 reviews!
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