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Outdoor Elliptical Bike – A Hybrid Fitness and Exercise Trainer


I love the workout I get on my elliptical, but I really missed the great outdoors. When I saw the ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical bike, I knew I had the perfect solution!

While you wouldn’t want to put a normal elliptical outside, this outdoor elliptical bike is designed for just that. Get out into nature while still getting your workout in, and you may even burn more calories than riding a regular bicycle. It’s a great way to start a low impact exercise routine.

Take your exercise routine outside with this ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical bike!

One of the most boring things about working out indoors is the lack of scenery. Sure, those tiny screens can emulate nature, but it doesn’t compare to the real thing. With the outdoor elliptical bike, no longer do I have to choose!

This unique piece of exercise equipment is where a traditional elliptical meets a bicycle. You stand up and stride in lieu of pedaling, but still steer with handlebars.

Much like a bike, ElliptiGO features 8 gears, which allow you to climb hills up to 20-30% grade and adjust your difficulty. The total resistance range is 306%, with about 17% difference between each level.

The stride length is adjustable from 16 to 25 inches, allowing you to customize based on your size and comfort range. Additionally, the steering column adjusts to fit most heights and arm lengths, so you always feel naturally comfortable. The user weight limit for this bike is 250 pounds.

An aluminum frame is lightweight yet durable and designed to prevent rust when exposed to the outdoor elements. If it’s too cold or gross outside to ride, this bike may be converted to an indoor bike with the help of a stationary trainer.

Whether you’re a professional or casual, this elliptical bike will help you get outdoors. Ride casually or make exercise part of your morning commute. Get the blood pumping, cross-train, or even set yourself some weight loss goals!

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Additional Notes

  • Available in green (pictured) or red
  • Ships almost fully assembled, no tools required
  • Has ergonomic grips with 2-finger brake levers
  • Bike weighs about 60 pounds
  • Comfortably fits heights from 4’11” to 6’8″
  • Best on paved, flat surfaces, such as roads or groomed trails (no off roading!)
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