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Mario Piranha Plant Slippers with Plush Warp Pipe Storage


Have yinz seen my slippers? I seem to have misplaced them again. You think you saw them going down a Warp Pipe? You must really be seeing things. Wait, I see it too. Those are my Mario Piranha Plant slippers, and they are hiding out in that Warp Pipe. Guess it’s time to grab a Fire Flower and go get them back!

The iconic Piranha Plant in the Super Mario video game franchise is not a real plant. However, it is based on the very real Venus Fly Trap, which snaps closed to seal in its prey. Real or not, the Piranha Plant has become an icon for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Keep your toes warm on a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom with the help of these Super Mario Piranha Plant slippers!

This fun pair of Mario Piranha Plant slippers is designed to keep your toes cozy warm. The slippers are made from a soft flannel material and stuffed with cotton for the ultimate in comfort.

Piranha plant slippers are sized “one size fits most”, measuring 11.4” x 5.5” x 3.1”, and should fit most teens, adult men, or adult women. However, anyone with a large foot (over size 10.5 Men’s US) may find them too short.

They’re so adorable that they make a great plush toy decoration, even if you don’t need or can’t fit in the slippers!

The Mario pipe slippers have a green foot bed, black sole, and the top is a red fabric with white polka dots. Place them sole to sole, and you have a plush version of the iconic Piranha Plant from the world of Nintendo’s Super Mario!

When not in use, these Mario plant slippers come with a plush green Warp Pipe for storage. Simply place the slippers together, then slide them into the Warp Pipe. You’ll have a fully complete Piranha Plant peeking out of a Warp Pipe, just looking for its next victim!

These Nintendo Piranha Plant slippers make the perfect gift for any Super Mario fan in your life. They’re an ideal choice for Christmas or a birthday and are sure to bring smiles wherever they go.

You don’t have to be a geek or gamer to appreciate them either! Mario has become a truly classic video game, spanning generations. Whether kids or adults, everyone can appreciate this awesome Mario Piranha Plant slipper set!

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Additional Notes

  • #4 best seller on Amazon in Kids’ Plush Toy & Blanket Sets
  • Pair with a Super Mario fleece throw for the ultimate cozy set!
  • Slipper set weighs 12.6 ounces in total
  • 4.5 stars with over 900 ratings!
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