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Incoherent Game – IncoHEARent | Adult Party Card Game


What do yinz want to play tonight for game night? Yes, I’m bringing the Iron City. What’s this incoherent game you’re talking about? Oh, it’s IncoHEARent?  Sounds like a good time – yeah we’ll leave the kids at home with the babysitter! This game is for adults!

Be aware that IncoHEARent is a game intended for ages 17+. This incoherent game (while clever) is not suitable for children. The creators of IncoHEARent make that clear with their three categories consisting of Pop, Party, and Kinky cards. With your friends, laughs are plentiful, but the various mature content and references would not be appropriate for children.

IncoHEARent will have you laughing all night at this incoherent game!

The incoherent game of IncoHEARent (see what we did there?) will have you laughing for hours! This adult party game (seriously, 17+ only – it can get a little racy and you definitely don’t want to play this with Grandma at Thanksgiving) will have you and your friends trying to make sense from gibberish in one of three categories – kinky, party and pop culture.

It’s easy to play (great if there’s alcohol involved in your game night) – the judge flips the timer and holds up a card. The answer faces towards them, and everyone else sees the gibberish phrase. Everyone reads it aloud and attempts to figure it out – the first person to guess correctly wins the round! The judge passes every three cards, and the first person to 13 cards (from winning the round) is crowned the winner. Recommended for 2 – 20+ players (as long as you can still read the cards from wherever you’re sitting) so it’s great no matter the size of your get together!

In the kinky category, you might see cards such as ‘for wren shuck his sing’. Spoiler alert, the answer is ‘french kissing’. In pop culture, figure out what ‘slight tint huey ore tea hems’ means. It sounds like gibberish, but the answer is a smooth ‘slide into your DMs’. The last category is ready to party! If you know how to party, maybe you can unscramble ‘ford went he’. Give up? The answer is 4/20!

IncoHEARent contains 500 cards for loads of incoherent game play fun! It also includes a timer, directions and a handy storage box. If you’re a fan of Cards Against Humanity and other adult themed card games, then give this a try!  Also makes a great gift for your adult friends (but please for the love of all things don’t gift this to your mother in law)!

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