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Dog Paw Cleaner Cup – Easily Remove Mud, Dirt, and Sand


Oh no, you pups were out playing in the mud puddle again, weren’t you? I’m not letting you track those muddy paws into the house. Time to break out the dog paw cleaner cup. I’ll have your feet washed and clean in no time!

A dog paw cleaner cup is a portable and easy way to clean dogs’ paws. Simply fill the cup with water and dunk your pet’s foot inside it a few times. The soft silicone bristles work to remove mud, sand, dirt and other debris, leaving their feet completely clean.

No more muddy paws in the house thanks to the dog paw cleaner cup!

The last thing I want to see are muddy paw prints on my freshly mopped floors. Thanks to a dog paw cleaner cup, Fido can get his feet dirty, and I’ll keep my shiny floors.

This portable washer cup is made of a three-piece design: the cup, a soft silicone bristle insert, and the ring to keep it all in place. Everything is made from BPA free materials, which are pet (and human) friendly!

It’s designed to remove debris from the great outdoors before your pet tracks it all over the house. Use a paw cleaner cup:

  • After a walk
  • For a day at the beach
  • Coming back from the park
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Or anywhere else you and your pet go

Just throw the cup into your purse, backpack, or car cup holder so it’s close at hand. If you’re at home, just leave it near the door where you’ll come in from outside – so easy!

If you won’t have access to water where you are, options with a lid are available. Fill it before you leave home and you’re still covered for sparkly clean paws.

What size dogs does the dog paw cleaner cup work for?

  • Small dogs, fitting up to a 2” wide paw
  • Medium accommodates paws 2.5” – 3.5” wide
  • Large dog size is made for 3.5” wide and larger paws

At the largest size, the cup measures 4.75” wide, so if your dogs’ paws are bigger than that, they won’t fit in the cup.

Make sure to choose the correct size to fit your specific dog, not just the breed, as individual dogs may be larger or smaller than “typical” for their standard.

How do you use the dog paw cleaner cup?

  1. Insert the silicone brush mat into the cup, wrapping it into a cylinder shape
  2. Affix the ring to the top of the cup, to hold the bristle mat in place
  3. Add water to the cup, filling to the top of the brushes
  4. Gently lift one of your dogs’ paws and insert it into the cup, in the center of the bristles
  5. Move the cup up and down while twisting several times, leaving the paw inserted
  6. Remove the cup and repeat with each foot

After all paws have been cleaned, dump out the dirty water and see the results! If the brush insert is particularly dirty, remove it and flatten it back out. It washes off easily with a hose, or soap and water.

For a really thorough clean, feel free to add some dog friendly soap into the paw cleaner along with the water!

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Additional Notes

  • Choose between six colors!
  • Medium size measures 4 x 4 x 6 inches and weighs about 6 ounces
  • #1 best seller in both Dog Brushes and Cat Brushes on Amazon!
  • 4.4 star rating with over 46,000 reviews – buy with confidence!
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