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Consuela the Cactus Dog Toy with Sad Cactus Squeaker Inside


If yinz have a pup at home that’s a professional chewer, I know how difficult it can be to find toys that survive their teeth!  Thankfully, Consuela the Cactus Dog Toy offers a 2 in 1 treat! This BarkBox cactus squeak toy is engineered with a cactus inside another cactus, to be long lasting for your toughest pups.

Consuela the Cactus dog toy is a 2-in-1 toy featuring a cactus within another cactus. The outer layer is a smiling plush cactus. After the exterior is inevitably destroyed, reveal a sad cactus with a squeaker underneath. This Barkbox cactus toy is perfect for the avid chewer.

The BarkBox Consuela the Cactus Dog Toy offers fun squeakers for dogs of all sizes!

This 2-in-1 Consuela the Cactus dog toy is meant to stand up to rough play from your furry friends. These interactive stuffed plush toys are perfect for shredding, trashing, and squeaking galore! BarkBox designs their dog toys to be destroyed, and this cactus is no exception.

Consuela the Cactus is green with black spikes and a pink flower. It’s made from a non-toxic high quality plush, safe for your pups to rip and shred to their heart’s content. Better yet, once your dog shreds through the first layer, there’s a whole new toy inside!

That’s right, there’s a smaller, sad cactus squeaker-filled blue spiky ball toy inside so your dog can continue to play. No more having to buy a new dog toy because Spike destroyed another one. I’m with the cactus though, I’d be sad too if I was being shredded!

This BarkBox cactus toy is great for playing, fetching, and the cactus arms are ideal for tug of war! Your dogs (and your kids) will get tons of play time from this great toy. They are available in two sizes, one geared towards small to medium dogs, and another designed for medium to large dogs.

If you’re not into adorable succulents, check out Penny the Pineapple instead. It’s the tropical remix of the cactus inside a cactus toy.

The BarkBox cactus toy makes a great gift too (for your own pet or someone else’s). Get your pooch a birthday present! They make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers too.  Anyone with a dog will love this unique cactus dog toy!

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  • 4.6 Star rating with over 20,000 reviews – dogs and humans agree these are great!
  • The small size has a 2.5″ core and the larger size has a 4.75″ core. Outer dimensions differ based on design selected
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