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100 Dates Scratch Off Poster – Bucket List of Ideas for Couples


I’m starting to run out of ideas for date night. So, I got us this 100 dates scratch off poster to inspire us with new things to do together. We’ll even have a memento when we’re done to remember all our adventures!

The 100 dates scratch off poster is a bucket list of date ideas. You and your partner simply perform the task indicated together, then scratch off the corresponding square. Once completely finished, you’ll have a poster-sized print to display and remember all your fun dates.

Tackle your romantic bucket list with the 100 dates scratch off poster!

The 100 dates scratch off poster is designed to give you 100 things to do together. No more asking the age old “what do you want to do today” question with your partner. Instead, you’ll have a fun activity to enjoy and bring you closer together.

This poster is filled with 100 tiles with a scratch off coating and a date idea printed at the top. Once you do the indicated task, simply scratch the tile off to reveal the artwork underneath. It’s a great way to track everything you’ve experienced as a couple.

Once it’s complete, the date poster makes for a beautiful piece of art in your home. You’ll be able to reminisce on your adventures (or maybe go for round 2)! Just pop the poster in a standard A2 poster frame (not included) for hanging on the wall.

100 dates bucket list poster offers a variety of different types of dates to enjoy together. Stay at home or go out on the town. Be lazy together, or get your sense of adventure ready.  You’ll be able to choose the style of date you’re both in the mood for.

Thankfully, there’s no time limit to completing this romantic bucket list. Whether you want to do 100 dates in 100 days, or work at the list over the course of a couple years, the choice is yours.

Either way, it will inspire you and your partner to spend more time together and make cherished memories!

What are the date ideas on the 100 dates scratch off poster?

  1. Meditate together
  2. Bake a cake
  3. Take a dance class
  4. Go bowling
  5. Read a book together
  6. Attend a sports game
  7. Go out for brunch
  8. Get a couples massage
  9. Go to a cheese & wine tasting
  10. Have a fancy dinner night
  11. Visit a VR café
  12. Try a new restaurant
  13. Go to a karaoke night
  14. Visit a planetarium
  15. Go on a walking tour
  16. Recreate your first date together
  17. Cook without a recipe
  18. Go to a jazz club
  19. Visit an animal shelter
  20. Explore a national park
  21. Go ziplining
  22. Get a drink at a rooftop bar
  23. Have a dinner in the dark
  24. Go thrift shopping
  25. Watch the sunset at the beach
  26. Visit a botanical garden
  27. Go fruit picking
  28. Start learning a new language
  29. Enjoy a hot air balloon flight
  30. Go for a long walk
  31. Plant a tree
  32. Have a tech-free day together
  33. Go camping
  34. Take a nap together
  35. Have a movie marathon
  36. Go stargazing
  37. Test drive a supercar
  38. Pick out a book for each other
  39. Go horseback riding
  40. Hit a trivia night
  41. Take a cooking class
  42. Go ice skating
  43. Do couples Yoga
  44. Go to a comedy show
  45. Work out together
  46. Do a photoshoot with a disposable camera
  47. Attend a painting class
  48. Catch a drive-in movie
  49. Go boat rowing
  50. Play a childhood game
  51. Try mixing cocktails
  52. Visit a museum
  53. Go rock climbing
  54. Visit an aquarium
  55. Enjoy a video game night
  56. Take a pottery class
  57. Explore a new neighborhood
  58. Listen to a classic album
  59. Visit your grandparents
  60. Spend a night in a treehouse
  61. Learn about your family trees
  62. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  63. Tackle an escape room
  64. Look through old photos
  65. Go to a water park
  66. Take a brewery tour
  67. Watch your favorite childhood movies
  68. Explore a farmers’ market
  69. Attend the ballet
  70. Do a home science experiment
  71. Volunteer together
  72. Write a love letter
  73. Go mini golfing
  74. Get a psychic reading
  75. Have a pajama day
  76. Go to a live music concert
  77. Play hide and seek
  78. Have a paper airplane contest
  79. Learn to juggle
  80. Go on a bike ride
  81. Make a scrapbook
  82. Go to a street fair
  83. Build a giant blanket fort
  84. Play truth or dare
  85. Go on a weekend road trip
  86. Learn a new skill together
  87. Have a snowball fight
  88. Go paintballing
  89. Volunteer to babysit
  90. Go trampolining
  91. Make a TikTok video
  92. Attend an open house
  93. Tackle a DIY project
  94. Visit a zoo or animal preserve
  95. Create a time capsule
  96. Pretend you’re tourists for a day
  97. Visit an amusement park
  98. Garden
  99. See a musical
  100. Attend a music festival
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