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Back to the Future Cookbook – Taste Buds Set to 88 MPH


We may not need roads where we’re going, but we do need food! Good thing I packed the Back to the Future cookbook, which is filled with Hill Valley favorites. Once we’re done preparing dinner, we’ll throw the scraps into the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. Waste not, as I always say!

If you ever wondered what they were eating during the Back to the Future trilogy, a cookbook can help. This Back to the Future cookbook features recipes for foods seen throughout all the different time periods experienced in the movies. It also has character info, fun facts, and new recipes to explore.

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Great Scott! You won’t believe how many great recipes are in this Back to the Future cookbook!

This Back to the Future cookbook features 65 different recipes from Hill Valley. You’ll travel to the past, present, and future states while experiencing all they have to offer. The cookbook is broken into five different chapters, spanning the different decades from the trilogy. Start off in 1985 with favorites like the McFly Family Table Tuna Noodle Casserole, or Uncle Joey’s Parole Cake!

From there, you’ll travel to 1955 to experience Mrs. Baines’ Meatloaf or Mr. Caruthers’ Egg Cream. Fast forward to 2015 and try Hoverboard Cookies or the What Are You, Chicken? Sandwich. Just watch out that the sandwich doesn’t fight back! Fall into alternate 1985 with Chicken Cordon Biff and The World’s Luckiest Shrimp Cocktail. If that’s still not enough, a trip to 1885 should top things off. Try new favorites such as Hungry Bear Claws and Clint Eastwood’s Cowboy Punch.

This time jumping cookbook features in depth recipes with full color pictures. Helpful food alternatives and substitutes are suggested for those with food sensitivities as well. You’ll also see cameos from your favorite characters as they pop in with helpful tips!

Written by James Beard nominated chef and food author Allison Robicelli, you’ll find restaurant quality meals with Back to the Future fun. It’s the perfect gift for the foodie, aspiring chef, or the Back to the Future fan in your life. Consider gifting this cookbook for Christmas or a birthday. Give the gift of food throughout the decades, with no time machine required!

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Additional Notes

  • We enjoyed compiling a list of 10 items inspired by Back to the Future that you can actually buy today! The 1985 trilogy sure sparked our collective creativity
  • Hardcover, 144 pages
  • Measures 8” x 10” x 0.9” and weighs just under 2 pounds
  • Best seller in Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies on Amazon
  • New product, but has an impressive 4.8 star rating!
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