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Back to the Future Wireless Charger – Skateboard Marty


Charging cords? Where my phone’s going, we don’t need charging cords! …At least I don’t with this awesome VHS tape Back to the Future wireless charger. Thanks to Qi charging technology, I’m ready to finally call my date for the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

It’s time to go retro with this futuristic technology, and take a look at what Doc Brown cooked up this time! So grab your hoverboard as we review this Power Idolz wireless charger based on the iconic BttF movie trilogy.

What is the Power Idolz Back to the Future Wireless Charger

The Power Idolz Back to the Future Wireless Charger is created by Numskull Designs as one of their retro phone holders based on popular franchises. This charger features Marty McFly complete with his iconic jean jacket and skateboard.

When your phone isn’t sitting above the Qi charger, just enjoy checking out the retro VHS cassette cover of Back to the Future.

To fully embrace the wireless charging, feel free to check if your phone is Qi enabled.

Power Idolz wireless chargers

Features of the Numskull Designs Power Idolz BttF Wireless Charger

  • Official Back to the Future product
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android Qi enabled mobile devices
  • No need for specific phone charging cables
  • Stands roughly 9 inches tall with plenty of phone space
  • Comes with a USB-C charging cable for the stand

Are There Different Power Idolz Phone Holders and Chargers?

If you’re looking to speed away from Hill Valley, Numskull Designs offers a few different VHS wireless chargers based on familiar entertainment properties:

Bottom Line
Back to the Future wireless charger unboxing

Frequently Asked Questions About the Power Idolz Back to the Future Wireless Charger

Does wireless charging work with any phone?

This charger is a fast charging Qi charger which means that your phone or mobile device must be Qi enabled. If it is, then you will have no problem charging on this stand regardless of your phone being an iPhone or Android.

How do I know if the wireless charger is working?

When you plug in the Back to the Future wireless charger via the included USB cable, a blue LED light will illuminate blue around the base. Simply place your phone on the holder above, and within a couple of seconds, your phone should indicate that it’s charging.

While charging, the lighted base will also change from blue to a yellow-orange color.

Why is my wireless charger flashing blue?

If the base of the Back to the Future wireless charger flashes and blinks blue when you add your phone to the holder, it means that there is a problem with the connection and the phone isn’t charging. 

This may happen if there is some type of metal or plastic obstruction in the way or if your phone is not Qi compatible with the charger.

Our Overall Ratings of the Back to the Future Wireless Charger

Bottom Line

The Back to the Future phone holder and Qi charger is perfect for anyone looking to add some retro movie love to their home. While you definitely won’t need 1.21 gigawatts (or jigowatts if you’re a real movie buff) of electricity to power this, that’s probably a good thing. I imagine a bolt of lightning would fry your phone!

Marty would definitely kick back in 2015 charging his phone and reading Grays Sports Almanac.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your own Back to the Future wireless charger, here are some different options for price comparison:

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Power Idolz by Numskull Back to The Future VHS Wireless Charger Phone Holder - Compatible with Qi-Enabled Devices, Fast Qi - Official Back to The Future Merchandise

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  • Doc Brown and Marty have managed to bring back this awesome Power Idolz from their adventures; Simply stand your phone on the model and watch as your battery tops up
  • Wireless charging character representing the retro packaging of the classic Back To The Future VHS tape
  • Power Idolz are a cool, novelty phone holder and gaming statue fit for any desk that also doubles as a wireless charger pad for your mobile device
  • Compatible with many iPhone, Samsung and other qi wireless charger-enabled devices
  • Official Back To The Future merchandise, designed and engineered by Numskull Designs

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