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A Review of “Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail”


If you were a kid growing up in the ‘80’s or ‘90’s, chances are you played the Oregon trail video game at least once. Assuming you have, then you probably remember how frequently you lost party members to Dysentery. Take the game’s most infamous joke, turn it into a book, and you have: …and Then You Die Of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail.

So, of course I had to check it out. As an avid fan of the game, and a bookworm to boot, how could I resist?

What I Loved About Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail

  • Pure nostalgia! Having played the video game as a kid, I related to the scenarios in the book and it brought back fond memories
  • Humor. This book, despite the morbid sounding title, was actually pretty funny. It uses a lot of puns and satire along the way
  • Illustrations. The illustrations are wonderful and a huge nod to the game since they follow a limited palette 8-bit style (but it’s more than just green & black)
  • The under $10 price tag makes it feel like you can treat yourself

What I Wish Was Different About the And Then You Die of Dysentery Book

  • I wouldn’t call it so much “lessons” as I didn’t feel like I really learned much from the book. Rather, it feels more like a collection of pioneer-era memes 
  • A lot of the humor makes reference to modern pop culture. While still funny, I think it takes away from the historical feel of the original game (there’s jokes about hashtags, dabbing, Netflix, Millennials, etc)
  • The overall length of the book feels short. It’s 112 pages, but only about 50 actual quips (plus illustrations) so you can get through it in a ½ hour or less honestly

Overall Review of …and Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail

What Other Versions Does …and Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail Come In?

…and Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail is available in a hardcover, Kindle eBook, and Nook eBook versions.

FAQs About …and Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail

What Age is …and Then You Die of Dysentery Meant For?

…and Then You Die of Dysentery is recommended for ages 21 and up. That said, while it does have some adult situational references, there’s nothing particularly lewd about the book.

I’d probably say teens would be fine with it, but use your best judgment. Though, in all likelihood kids and teens today may not have played the original Oregon Trail video game, so a lot of the humor would be lost on them anyway.

Where to Buy

If you’re picking up your own copy of Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail, here are some sites you can buy it for price comparison:

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...and Then You Die Of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from the Oregon Trail

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