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LEGO Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet (Standing By)


Lock S-foils into attack position. Before I make a trench run on the Death Star, I definitely want to make sure my LEGO Luke Skywalker Red 5 helmet is properly built. Nothing spells the end of a Yavin base faster than a knock to the noggin!

Any self respecting member of the Rebel Alliance will love building Luke’s classic X-Wing pilot helmet. This particular LEGO build features 675 bricks. It’s also a part of a Star Wars helmet collection featuring more iconic characters that we’ll get to later.

Features of the LEGO Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet

  • Official LEGO kit number 75327
  • Features authentic details and logos to mimic the feel of the movie prop
  • For display purposes only as this is not a wearable helmet
  • Stands roughly 7.5 inches tall with display stand included
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
LEGO Red 5 Helmet Unboxing

Are There Different LEGO Star Wars Helmets?

As of today, there are 8 different LEGO Star Wars helmets in the collection including the Red 5 release. If you go to the official LEGO website, you will notice that 6 of the helmets are still available for sale. The LEGO Stormtrooper helmet (75276) and the LEGO Tie Fighter Pilot helmet (75274) are much more rare as they were retired in early 2022.

Bottom Line
Tie Fighter Pilot<br>75274
Tie Fighter Pilot
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Bottom Line
Suit up to protect the Death Star as a Tie Fighter pilot!
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Bottom Line
You’d have to be really short to wear this Stormtrooper helmet!
Boba Fett<br>75277
Boba Fett
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Bottom Line
The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy needs no introduction!
Darth Vader<br>75304
Darth Vader
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Bottom Line
Fully comprehend the power of the Dark Side!
Scout Trooper<br>75305
Scout Trooper
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Bottom Line
Hop on a Speeder Bike through the forests of Endor!
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Bottom Line
Mando is rocking Beskar metal and armor at its finest!
Dark Trooper<br>75343
Dark Trooper
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Bottom Line
Embrace the Dark Side of Mandalorian Season 2!

Frequently Asked Questions About the LEGO Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet

What are all the LEGO Star Wars helmets?

There are currently 8 helmets in the LEGO Star Wars collection as of 2022. In order of release date:

1. Tie Fighter Pilot (75274) released in 2020
2. Stormtrooper (75276) released in 2020
3. Boba Fett (75277) released in 2020
4. Darth Vader (75304) released in 2021
5. Scout Trooper (75305) released in 2021
6. Luke Skywalker Red 5 (75327) released in 2022
7. Mandalorian (75328) released in 2022
8. Dark Trooper (75343) released in 2022

Which LEGO Star Wars helmets are currently retired?

As of August 2022, only two LEGO Star Wars helmets have been retired. These are the Tie Fighter Pilot (75274) and Stormtrooper (75276) both released in 2020. Based on this, the average retail span before retirement is 23 months.

The Boba Fett helmet (75277) has currently been available for 29 months. While Boba Fett is an extremely popular character, you can expect the helmet to be retired next in the coming months.

How long does it take to build the Luke Skywalker Red 5 helmet?

At 675 pieces, it will take roughly 1 to 2 hours to complete the Luke Skywalker Red 5 helmet build depending on your experience as a builder. There are detailed instructions to follow but also include a few delicate pieces.

This kit is intended for adults and not young children.

Our Overall Ratings of the Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet

8Expert Score
LEGO Luke Skywalker Red 5 Helmet

This LEGO Star Wars helmet comes with the fine details of a movie prop. From the translucent orange visor to the communication microphone to the Rebel logo, Luke Skywalker would approve!

If you’re a LEGO collector, then this is a must have to complete your helmet series collection. Since it’s a newer release, you should still have no issues in finding it before it retires and increases in price!

Bottom Line

The LEGO Luke Skywalker Red 5 helmet is a great new addition to the Star Wars collection! At 675 pieces in this kit, you’ll receive a small challenge, but it’s probably easier than blasting a womp rat in an X-wing! It features vibrant colors and a number of sticker decals to complete the build to its fullest extent.

As with all LEGO Star Wars helmets, the display stand is consistent across the years, so you’ll easily be able to add this one to your geek shelf!

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LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet 75327 Fun, Creative Building Kit for Adults; Collectible, Brick-Built Star Wars Memorabilia for Display (675 Pieces)

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  • Features a Red 5 Star Wars collectible Luke Skywalker helmet buildable model kit, a first in the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection set for adults
  • Replicate in LEGO bricks all the details of Luke Skywalker’s Red Five Star Wars helmet, and display it on the integrated stand with a nameplate
  • Premium-quality LEGO Star Wars sets for adults are designed for you, the discerning hobbyist who enjoys hands-on creative projects
  • This collectible Luke Skywalker helmet replica, a part of the_x000D_
  • Star Wars memorabilia range comes with clear, illustrated instructions

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