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60 inch Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Floor Lamp


I’m definitely a Jedi following the light side of the Force, but sometimes I need the Force to light the way for me! This Luke Skywalker lightsaber floor lamp is perfect for other Jedi. It’s an elegant Star Wars light for a more civilized age!

Add the final touch to any Star Wars room with this lightsaber floor lamp. Standing 60 inches tall, this lightsaber shines bright blue just like Luke Skywalker’s from A New Hope! While not powered by kyber crystals, a standard electrical outlet will work just fine.

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Light up the room like a Jedi Knight with this Star Wars lightsaber floor lamp!

Even with two suns shining down on Tatooine, I bet Luke Skywalker could still use this lightsaber floor lamp! Modeled after the iconic legacy lightsaber Obi-Wan gave to Luke, it stands 5 feet tall.

This Star Wars floor lamp is easy to operate as well. Instead of having to constantly bend over to reach the base, simply use a floor switch to illuminate your room. It also comes with a remote control and dimmer switch so you never have to leave the seat of your cockpit!

I may not always live up to the Jedi Code. In that case, I might prefer Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber AFTER he turned to the Dark Side. For such occasions, this Darth Vader floor lamp modeled in the same vein is perfect!

Can I use this Star Wars lightsaber floor lamp in a nursery?

Despite coming with a dimming function, this Star Wars lightsaber lamp is extremely bright. It does not offer a simple, ambient glow that you would want as a nursery or night light. With that in mind, it’s not recommended for those purposes.

It’s weird to think that one of the biggest contentions of this floor light is that it’s too bright, but here we are! It’s good to know what you’re getting though as you wash the walls in a blue shine.

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Additional Notes

  • Lamp has a 10 inch round base and stands 60 inches tall
  • Minimal assembly is required
  • A wrench and instructions are also included for assembly
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