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Scary Bingo Game is Monster Fun for Everyone!


Scary Bingo is a spin on the classic game that features colorful, fun monsters. It’s not too scary; in fact it’s rated for ages 3 and up! It’s a fun gift for kindergartners and toddlers who aren’t ready for the real scary stuff.

In fact, we grabbed this as a family game to try out for some Halloween fun. It accommodates 3-7 players, making it super versatile if you have friends and relatives around too. I’ll give you our thoughts below, but needless to say, it went a lot better than the last haunted hayride I attempted.

Features of the Scary Bingo Game

  • No reading required!
  • Comes with 8 double-sided Bingo cards
  • One game board
  • Eyeball shaped counters for card marking
  • Cardboard monster head for storing chips
  • 48 unique monster chips to enjoy

Note that there will be “some assembly” required when you first open it up. I assembled the monster head box by folding it out. The kids helped with punching out all the monster chips from the backers.

I do think it will be easy to lose or damage tokens and markers over time. But, since it’s so aptly themed, I’ll just grab some Halloween candy instead. Problem solved, and with a sweet treat to boot!

How to Play Scary Bingo

Scary Bingo Game Rules:

  1. The first player to cover their entire Bingo card is the winner!

Setup Instructions:

  1. One person is designated as the “caller”, and they grab the large game board
  2. All other players select a smaller Bingo board
  3. Place all monster tokens into the monster mouth box
  4. Distribute eyeball tokens evenly amongst players

Scary Bingo Gameplay:

  1. The caller begins by selecting a monster token from the monster mouth box
  2. Read the name (if you can) or simply show the picture to the other players
  3. Players try to locate that monster on their individual Bingo cards
  4. If they have it, they should place an eyeball token on the space to cover it
  5. Continue drawing and calling monsters until someone fills their board
  6. Rotate roles, and repeat!

Scary Bingo Review

7Expert Score
Scary Monster Bingo

Overall, I give Scary Bingo a 7/10. The artwork is whimsical and lovely. It’s a family-friendly game that’s fun around Halloween, especially to keep kids distracted from all the sugar!

I find that it’s something the kids can play themselves pretty easily (even making up their own rules), making it low maintenance. However, I think they’re going to outgrow it quickly – we adults were bored after a couple rounds.

The other place it loses points for me is in longevity. The cardboard monster head has to be folded back to flat if you want to store it, and it’s not going to hold up forever. The tokens are only cardboard as well, so the kids will definitely do a number on them. 

If you’re still on the fence, nearly 400 reviewers on Amazon have given it a 4.9 out of 5 star rating. Kid friendly, fun approved!

Where to Buy

If you’re picking up your own copy of Scary Bingo game, here are some different sites you can buy it for price comparison:

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Scary Bingo: Fun with Monsters and Crazy Creatures

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