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Harry Potter 3D Memo Pad – Magical Reveal of Hogwarts Castle


Oh here, your notepad seems to have ripped off funny; let me help with that. I shouldn’t pull it off because it’s actually meant to do that? It’s your new Harry Potter 3D memo pad shaped like Hogwarts castle, and as you use it, it turns into a hidden image? I can’t wait to see when it’s done!

This magical 3D note paper reveals a hidden image of the Harry Potter Hogwarts castle as it’s torn away. Every time you write a note, you’ll slowly work your way down to reveal more and more of the design. You don’t even have to send an owl, as these note pads are great around the office.

Reveal the wizarding world within with this Harry Potter 3D memo pad shaped like Hogwarts castle!

This unique 3D note paper features a hidden image of the Harry Potter Hogwarts castle inside. Remove the 160 memo sheets, and you’ll reveal the surprise within!

You’ll travel through white, beige, blue, and brown notes as you travel down the design. In turn, this builds the turrets, castle, and surrounding cliffs that make the iconic look.

The total Harry Potter 3D memo pad block is about a 3.5” square, and each note will be slightly smaller due to the cutaway design. However, they’re perfect for quick notes and reminders around your home or office! There’s even a small hole in the back corner for pen and pencil storage. I love multifunctional items.

Once the design is complete, insert the now revealed castle back into the acrylic box it came with for display. The base contains two replaceable CR2032 batteries that power LED lights to bring the castle to life!

Any fan of the Harry Potter series will love these. If you’re not, though, there are several other great designs to choose from as well. You could even collect them all! Just, try to resist the temptation to rip all the notes off at once. Those owls are getting tired, you know!

Additional Notes

  • Completed design is about 2” tall
  • Rated 4.7 stars – wizarding world approved!
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