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Cryptic Calendar – Optical Illusion Transforms Months and Dates


That’s a pretty cool piece of art you put up on the wall. I swear I can almost make out some letters or numbers, but that must be the pattern. It’s a cryptic calendar that creates a real calendar from an optical illusion? I knew I wasn’t crazy!

A cryptic calendar uses an optical illusion to conceal the date until revealed with the slider. This woodworking puzzle looks like a regular piece of wall art until you slide the reader into position. Then, the month and date are revealed.

Add a unique and functional work of art to your home or office with the cryptic calendar!

A cryptic calendar is a boggling optical illusion that elevates your boring old wall calendar. This wooden calendar uses a hidden design that’s revealed when the slider passes over it. Simply move it into place, and the date is revealed!

When the slider is not over a portion of the design, the board looks like a unique work of art. Dyed 3mm plywood appears in alternating light and dark tones, with a geometric design.

You’d never even realize you’re looking at a calendar until you move the slider into place. How fun!

The cryptic calendar is the perfect addition to your home or office. It adds wall intrigue, while helping to provide a practical reminder of the date. It mounts on the wall easily with the help of 3 pre-drilled holes. Alternatively, use strong double-sided tape to mount without hardware.

Additional Notes

  • Made to order – expect 3-4 weeks for delivery, on average
  • Calendar and slider available in silver (slider only), black, brown, grey, red, or sand (yellow) colors
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  • Keep your wall mounted Scrabble board near your new calendar. Leave messages for your family, and play a game together too. It’s a great way to stay organized!
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