Skittle Pool Game – Classic Tabletop Billiards without Cues!


Care to join me for a game of Skittle Pool? It’s like regular billiards but fits on my tabletop nicely. Plus there’s no cues, so we won’t break grandma’s china cabinet again!

Skittle Pool is a modified variation of the classic billiards game. Instead of being a free-standing table, it’s a compact box-sized frame that houses the game. It may be placed, and played, on any flat surface. Due to the compact design, it’s appropriate for dorms, apartments, and similar.

Enjoy billiards on any table of your home with the help of Skittle Pool!

This Skittle Pool game is a great way to bring your favorite table game to a more compact size. It features a wooden frame box that serves as the game board. Like a traditional billiards table, it’s lined with a green felt.

At only 25” square and under a pound, this game is perfect for small space situations. No longer will a pool table take up your entire room! Skittle Pool may be played on nearly any flat surface, so clear off any table, and you’re ready to go.

In the box, you’ll find:

  • Skittle Pool table
  • Two balls on a pendulum chain
  • 10 billiard balls (half solid, half stripes)
  • Billiard rack
  • 2 swiveling cue ball pointers
  • A cue ball
  • Instructions

Just like regular pool, there are multiple ways to play, such as solids & stripes or classic 8 ball.

What is Skittle Pool?

Skittle Pool is a smaller-scale slightly modified version of billiards. Instead of a cue stick, players rotate a ball on a pendulum and use that to strike the cue ball. It’s exactly the same concept, just with a different kinetic power source.

You’ll still be aiming to bump your balls into the pockets around the game board. It’s just a more compact way to play the classic game, that doesn’t require a huge table in your home to play. You can even play Skittle Pool sitting down!

How do you play Skittle Pool?

Here are the instructions for how to play Skittle Pool:

  • Rack the balls into a triangle formation, facing the post of the starting team
  • Place the cue ball on the pointer, and use the swiveling base to aim your shot
  • Pull back the ball on the pendulum chain
  • Release the ball on the chain, which will hit the stationary ball on the pointer. The kinetic energy will transfer to the cue ball to propel it forward
  • Note that the cue ball is picked up and placed back on the pointer for each shot
  • Take turns between players/teams until someone gets a ball in a pocket
  • The first player or team to pocket a ball determines who gets assigned solids or stripes based on what they sink
  • A player continues their turn as long as they keep sinking a ball in a pocket on each shot. Once you miss, your turn is over
  • Play then alternates, with each team continuing to try and pocket balls of their pattern
  • Once all other balls are pocketed, you must then announce a specific pocket, and deposit the 8 ball into that pocket to win

There is an opening in the side of the table to retrieve deposited balls for subsequent rounds.

The rules of Skittle Pool basically follow standard billiards. The only exception is that you pick up the cue ball to make your shot each turn and use a ball on a chain instead of a cue stick. Otherwise, it’s nearly the same game!

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Additional Notes

  • Designed for 1-4 players
  • Recommended for ages 8+
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