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Laser Tag Spider – The Battling Bug Bites Back


The last thing I want creeping around the house is a spider. Thankfully, when the kids asked for one, they really meant the ArmoGear laser tag spider target instead of the real kind. This is one version of the arachnid I could actually enjoy!

We took this cool toy for a spin, and are here to share our review if you’re looking for a fun new laser tag style game to play. Whether you’re a kid or kid at heart, it’s a game for everyone.

What is the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

The ArmoGear laser tag spider target is actually a two-piece set that includes a spider-shaped target and a laser blaster. The robot spider runs around and actually returns fire!

This makes it ideal for target practice, as well as solo play if you don’t have a human laser tag opponent available.

Laser Tag Spider Battle Bug

Features of the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

  • Safe for use indoors and outdoors
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Has modes for solo play as well as teams of 2, 3, or 4
  • Registers shots from 15 ft away
  • Features 3 difficulty levels
  • Hit impact sensor is in blaster, no chest receiver required

Pros and Cons: Things to Know About the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

Are There Different Versions of the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target?

While there aren’t any different versions of the spider target itself, ArmoGear does offer several other different packages that it comes in:

Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about the battery life in the regular style blasters, I highly recommend the last option for the rechargeability factor.

Laser Tag, Target Battle Spider, and Inflatable Barrel Unboxing

Frequently Asked Questions About the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

Is the Battle Bug compatible with other laser tag weapons?

The Battle Bug spider target is compatible with all ArmoGear laser tag weapons. It will not work with other brands.

What kind of batteries does the laser tag spider target need?

The ArmoGear laser tag spider target works with AAA batteries. The robot needs 3, and the blaster needs an additional 3.

Alkaline batteries work best, as rechargeable batteries tend to give mixed results with the set functioning properly.

What surfaces can you use the ArmoGear laser tag spider on?

The laser tag spider bot works best on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, hardwood, tile, or cement. It also works fine on carpet, though you may experience a slowdown in very shaggy or high pile carpet.

We noticed a significant struggle in grass, so unless your lawn is recently clipped, the robot may struggle there.

Similar Products to the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

Kidzlane Spider Target vs. ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

Power Source Rechargeable battery3 AAA batteries (alkaline)
Returns fireNoYes
On HitFlips overMakes noise
Set CompatibilityKidzlane onlyArmoGear only
Bot size (approximate)4”8”
Range130 feet15 feet
Retail Price$14.99$24.99
Kidzlane vs ArmoGear Laser Spider Target

The Kidzlane spider target is the most similar product to the ArmoGear laser tag spider. While it’s a lower cost, the Kidzlane robot is only about half the size of the ArmoGear. While I think the “play dead” feature is fun, I personally get more enjoyment out of the bot shooting back.

You’ll also find that while the Kidzlane has a longer range, it tends to lead to a bigger “hit box” meaning that the response is less accurate. So, if your kids have poor aim and just want to “kill” the bug it’s great, but doesn’t make for great target practice as it’s too forgiving.

If you have an existing Kidzlane laser tag set, it’s not a bad add-on option. However if you’re starting fresh, I like the features and interactivity of the ArmoGear more. Not to mention, it’s definitely more sturdy and holds up to tougher play, making it worth the additional cost to me.

Kidzlane Laser Tag Set with Spider Target

Our Overall Ratings of the ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

Bottom Line

The ArmoGear spider bot is great fun for both solo and team play. It gets you moving, and helps improve hand eye coordination in kids. Pivot seamlessly between family fun night and a group of kids playing together at a party!

While it’s got a couple drawbacks, there’s nothing that would stop me from purchasing another one. Even as an adult I think it’s a blast hunting the little spider robot all around the living room.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your own laser tag spider target set, here are some different options for price comparison:

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ArmoGear Laser Tag Shooting Game | Kids Laser Tag Gun with Spider Set | Indoor and Outdoor Target Shooting Toy | Ideal Electronic Gift for Boys Ages 8+

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  • Bot Challenge: Go up against bot with this laser tag target one on one with battle mode. It runs around and shoots back! Fun toy guns for boys, and toys for teens!
  • Three Modes: To win, shoot the laser tag spider 9 times before it shoots you. A 15 ft shooting distance provides plenty of room to aim and run for cover. Requires 6x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Guided Gameplay : Dramatic sound effects indicate when shooting or hit and a voice guide announces the play by play. Kids ages 8 and up will want to compete against this warrior bug.
  • Team Capabilities: Our targets for shooting bug has 4 team modes with 4 player capacity, when played with additional Laser Battle or Mini Battle Blaster guns. Split up into teams and play!
  • Armo Gear Quality: As with all things Armogear, this lazer tag game conforms to rigid quality control and is 100% safety tested & certified. Please contact us with any issues or concerns.

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