Balloon Puncher Robot Toy – Fight Until a Robot Pops!


Would you kids stop wrestling and punching each other in here? Next thing you know, you’re going to break my favorite lamp. If you want to fight each other, try this balloon puncher robot toy instead. You can whack away at each other, and the only casualty is a balloon!

A robot balloon puncher game is a type of fighting toy. Participants use a controller to guide the robot through a number of punching motions against another robot. The winner is determined when the balloon inside one of the robots pops. The person with the intact balloon is declared the winner.

You can really sock it to ‘em with your balloon puncher robot toy!

A balloon puncher robot toy is a great way to keep the kids entertained and your home intact. Simply inflate two balloons – normal air is fine, no helium required. Then, place them onto the base and place the goggles over them. Two sets of goggles in two different colors are included for this player vs player brawl.

Participants use the controller located on the base of the robot to begin the fight. Use the joysticks for right punch, left punch, and combo punch. This will release a flurry of punches designed to get at your opponent. The first one to pop their opponent’s balloon wins! If you have more or less than two players, don’t worry. You can battle against an AI opponent, or use versus mode to allow up to four people to play at once.

These balloon puncher robots make a great gift. Kids and adults alike will enjoy hours of fun playing with this unique game. Consider gifting one for Christmas or a birthday. Or, just grab one for yourself, we’re not judging. Enjoy some fast-paced robot punching action today!

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Additional Notes

  • Designed for ages 5+
  • Comes with 12 balloons, fits most standard 7” balloons on the market for replacements
  • No batteries required
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