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Wind Spinners | Solar Powered LED Garden Stake


There’s nothing quite as serene as sitting on the patio in a gentle summer breeze. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping. My new solar wind spinners are turning, providing beautiful movement in the garden. They are even decorative at night, unlike my other wind decorations!

Wind spinners are décor for outside your home. Typically placed in a yard or garden, these spinners are made from metal or other materials durable to the elements. The spinner blades are designed in a scoop shape, whether styled like a leaf, blade, cup, or other similar design. This shape allows wind currents passing by to push them and creates a spinning movement. Many designs have blades that rotate in different directions for variety.

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Solar wind spinners provide eco-friendly outdoor décor for your home!

Solar wind spinners provide a touch of color and beauty to any outdoor environment. This spinner features two tiers of blades which sit on top of a black metal ground spike. The spike features two prongs to help secure it into the ground, sinking into soil, gravel, or other loose substrates easily. The blades form a flower like design. The rear set is a soft golden color with hues of yellow-gold and orange. The front set has vibrant blue and purple tones. The blades curve in opposite directions, so that the wind pushes them opposing each other, creating a beautiful display.

A crackle glass ball resides at the center of these wind spinners. During the day, a waterproof solar charging panel recharges the included AA battery. At night, the LED bulb inside the glass comes to life, providing a touch of color to your garden at night. The bulb gently rotates between red, green, and blue. As each color fades into the next, you’ll see glimpses of yellow, orange, and purple too. The colors reflect off the metal blades of the spinner, letting their beauty shine into the night.

An all-day charge in the sun can provide about 8 hours of illumination at nighttime! This eco-friendly wind spinner requires no other power source other than the natural sunlight. An on/off button is included though, if you prefer to leave it off for the evening or don’t want to drain the battery in low light seasons.

This solar wind spinner would make a lovely gift. It brings joy and beauty to any outdoor space. Makes a great gift for a parent or grandparent. Even those with limited mobility can sit and enjoy the beauty this yard spinner provides. Think of this spinner for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or an Easter present in the spring. Whether for yourself, a friend, or family member, anyone will appreciate the quiet and beautiful addition to their yard.

Additional Notes

  • Remove protective covers from stake before sinking into ground
  • Spinner blades are 12.6” in diameter at widest point
  • Total height of stake and spinner is 57″
  • #3 best seller in Wind Sculptures & Spinners on Amazon!
  • Weighs only 3.24 pounds
  • Boasts an impressive 4.1-star rating, reviewers love it!

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