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Mandalorian Xbox Controller – This is the Way to Game in Style


I really wanted a new gaming controller this year. I’m so glad I found the Mandalorian Xbox controller as the unique design is just what I was looking for. This is the way!

This Mandalorian Xbox controller is designed to work with the Series X, S, and One units. It features an intricate Beskar armor pattern inspired by the series. This wireless controller is made by Razer, but officially licensed by both Xbox and Disney for authenticity.

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This is the way to a more exciting gaming experience, with a Mandalorian Xbox controller!

The Mandalorian Xbox controller is a limited edition wireless controller that’s designed to look like the Beskar armor seen in the TV series. The left grip says ‘bounty hunter’ while the right says ‘this is the way’.

It comes with a matching charging dock which uses a magnetic contact system to ensure secure charging every time. The front is emblazoned with his helmet, and ‘The Mandalorian’ written in Mandalorian, the written language of Mando’a.

With a fast-charge system, your controller reaches capacity in just about 3 hours, which means more time spent gaming! A built-in safety system also ensures that no short-circuiting or overheating occurs while you’re juicing up.

This official Xbox controller works with:

  • Series X
  • Series S
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Mac

Note that if you’re using it for computer-based gaming systems, you’ll need an Xbox wireless adapter (sold separately).

With one-button pairing you’ll be up and running with your console in no time. Just like any Xbox controller, you can enjoy a rumble sensation that puts you right into the game and pressure-sensitive triggers for those critical shots.

Textured grips are not only pleasing to the touch but make the controller more secure to hold. You’ll find it on the triggers, bumpers, and the back of the controller.

Whether you’re escorting The Asset, engaging in a firefight, or piloting your intergalactic ship, be ready for the challenge with the Mandalorian Xbox controller!

Can I use the Mandalorian Xbox controller with a wired connection?

You can use the Mandalorian Xbox controller with a wired connection. However, it should be noted that it does not come with a cable to do so.

It has a USB-C connection on the controller, and you’ll need to use a compatible cable to connect to the console.

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Additional Notes

  • Also available as a Boba Fett Xbox controller
  • Charging station requires 110V AC power supply
  • Best seller in Xbox controllers on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating!
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