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Hooded Backpack – Multi-Use Sporty Bag with Built In Hoodie


I got my hoodie stuck under my backpack again. That’s so annoying; I wish it was just one combined thing to put on my back. That’s why you got a hooded backpack since it already has a built in hoodie? Well, sign me up too!

This backpack with a built in hoodie is all the convenience of both in one. The backpack carries your stuff, while the hood wards off rain or snow and keeps you warm. No more bringing that umbrella along or getting caught with a soggy feeling. It’s all in one portable package.

The hooded backpack is part bag, part clothing, and all awesome!

How cool is this hooded backpack? That’s right, it’s a backpack with a built-in hoodie attached! Instead of packing a jacket, a bag, and an umbrella, cover all three with this one item. It fits over your shoulders with straps like a normal pack, and the hood rises from the top to cover your head.

The hood is made from a polyester, cotton, and elastane blend with a polyester mesh lining. It’s designed to be both dirt and water repellent, though it may be spot cleaned as needed. This hood is breathable, while helping keep warm and dry. It can be removed via zipper when not needed.

In terms of the backpack, it’s pretty standard as they go. It boasts two zippered compartments; one large and one small on the front. The big pocket has mesh holders to keep a laptop or tablet secure. The smaller is perfect for your headphones, keys, writing utensils, and other small items.

A bottle pocket on the side holds your water bottle, while a secret back compartment rounds things out. That’s ideal for personal items, a wallet, or even a passport. Anything you want to keep out of sight, yet close at hand.

Your backpack with attached hoodie is black on the exterior, and available in a variety of interior lining colors. Available colors for the hooded backpack are:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Black

The accessories such as the rubber coated zipper pulls coordinate with whatever interior color you choose.

Additional Notes

  • Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Top locker loop included for hanging
  • Backpack measures 15.7” H x 13” W x 2.8” D
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