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Himalayan Salt Massage Balls | Crystal Salt Rock Lamp


Hey hand me one of those tiny oranges from the bowl on the table. What, those aren’t oranges? What are Himalayan Salt Massage Balls? Ok, well my shoulders are a bit sore from carrying in all the groceries. Toss me one of those salt massagers, and let me give it a roll.

What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Massage Balls Lamp?

Think of this product as a combination of a Himalayan Salt Lamp and Massage Balls. Having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home is supposed to provide benefits to your health. Some benefits include cleansing and purifying the air; calming allergies; reducing symptoms of the common cold; granting you increased energy; improving your mood; and more. Now take all that and picture removing one of the Himalayan salt massage balls from the bowl and rolling it over your skin. Transfer those benefits to areas on your body in stress.

This Himalayan Salt Lamp plugs into any outlet. Set it in an area of your home with high traffic for anyone to use one of the Himalayan massage balls as needed. Or alternatively, set it on your nightstand. Allow the salt lamp to spread its benefits throughout your bedroom as you sleep. Plus this lamp emits a warming glow and provides a soothing atmosphere which will not interfere with you getting a good night’s rest.

Using your massage balls is just as simple as plugging in the lamp. If you feel stressed or tense, pull one or two of the massage balls from your lamp. Simply roll the ball over your sore muscles and start to relieve the tension. Inside this lamp are 5 massage balls, so there is plenty of relief to go around. Having the benefit of a massage on the go is never a bad thing.

Additional Notes

  • Made of 100% Himalayan Rock Salt from Pakistan
  • 4 Star rating on Amazon
  • If you want a salt lamp without the massage features, they have those versions available as well
  • This Star Trek Mood Rock Lamp will provide unique soft lighting to your room. Plus, you control the light with a Type-1 Phaser!
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