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Harry Potter Remote Control Wand: A Magical Way to Control Your Devices


Are you a Harry Potter fan looking for a fun and unique way to control your TV and other devices? Look no further than the Harry Potter remote control wand!

That’s right, you can put your wizarding skills to good use around the house by operating the TV with just a flick and a swish!

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of this magical wand remote and answer some common questions about how to use it.

Product Overview

The Harry Potter remote control wand is a replica of the wand used by Harry Potter in the movies.

It is designed to work as a universal remote control for various IR devices such as TVs, DVD players, and sound systems, or the Noble Collection Hagrid’s Lantern desk lamp.

The wand is made of high-quality materials and features intricate details that make it a must-have collectible item for any Harry Potter fan! It even ships with a Collector’s box, along with the manual.

To use the wand, you’ll perform basic movements in the direction of the device it’s paired with. The wand will emit a magical sound and send the corresponding command to the device.

The remote wand is compatible with any IR (infrared) signal based device including TVs, Blu Ray players, and speakers. It works with some models of streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV as well.


Some of the key features of the Harry Potter Remote Control Wand include:

  • Wand-shaped design: The remote looks like a real wand, with an elegant design and a comfortable grip that makes it easy to use
  • Universal compatibility: The remote can be programmed to work with most IR based TVs, cable boxes, and other media devices
  • Magic wand movements: The remote recognizes nine different wand movements, which can be used to perform different functions like changing channels, adjusting the volume, and more
  • Collector’s item: The remote comes in a collector’s box that makes it a great gift for Harry Potter fans

Pros and Cons of the Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

As with any product, the Harry Potter remote control wand has its pros and cons. Here’s a quick rundown of what we found during our testing:

  • Fun and unique design, perfect for Harry Potter fans
  • Easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • Compatible with most TV brands
  • Comes with a collectible display box
  • Can be difficult to program at first
  • Limited range of about 15 feet
  • Batteries not included
  • Programming resets when batteries are changed
  • Doesn’t work with non infrared based devices

The wand remote is definitely all about the fun factor; I had a ton of fun waving it around. However, programming is finicky at best.

To further complicate things, the programming resets every time you change the batteries, which can be pretty frequent depending how much you’re using the wand.

I think it’s more of a collector’s piece and something I’d prefer to assign to a device that I don’t use often, but want the ability to “show off” when I do.

Perhaps a Bluetooth speaker system would be a great use for it, but for me it’s not the best choice (fun aside) for your everyday TV remote.

I’ll leave the magic to my fireplace TV stand that somehow makes real looking flames and warmth with no smoke. Now that’s what I call magical!

Harry Potter Wand Remote Control Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative option to the Harry Potter remote control wand, consider the Kymera magic wand remote control as the closest option.

When compared to the Noble Collection version, the Kymera remote wand:

  • Does not lose programming when the batteries are changed
  • Supports 13 different gesture controls vs 9 in the Noble Collection
  • Also comes with a collector’s box
  • Requires 1 battery vs 2
  • Similarly difficult to program initially
  • Also limited to IR technology devices

When it comes to an alternative, the Kymera has a lot of the same cons as the Noble Collection offering. However, it doesn’t lose programming when you change batteries, which is a big plus to me.

If you want to work through the troublesome setup, then at least you’re set with this one!

However, it’s definitely a different wand visually, so if you’re a true Potter fan then this one may not appeal to you as much.

How to Program the Harry Potter Wand Remote

Programming your Harry Potter remote control wand requires just a few simple steps:

  • Press down on the button in the handle and hold it until the light at the tip of the wand illuminates.
  • Without moving, press down on the button in the handle 3 times in succession
  • On the third press, hold down the button until the tip of the wand begins to flash green, then orange. This will indicate that you’ve entered programming mode

Now, you’ll need to define which gesture you’d like to program. There are 9 total programmable gestures that can be paired.

The gestures coordinate with referenced wand moves from the Harry Potter series – the roll, a flick side to side, up or down, and a flourish!

Let’s assume that we’re programming your Harry Potter wand remote for the flick up gesture:

  • Flick the wand in an upward direction, and it will flash six times in green in recognition
  • As it flashes, the wand will also begin to pulse (vibrate). This indicates that the wand remote is ready to receive a signal
  • Point the pulsing wand at the top of the original remote control for the device you’re syncing
  • Press the button on the standard remote for the function you’d like to give the wand. This could be volume up or down, changing the channel, powering on or off, and more
  • If it completes correctly, the wand will issue a strong pulse to let you know it’s set

Repeat these steps for as many functions as you’d like to program, and then press the wand button once to exit programming mode.

This remote comes with comprehensive detailed instructions on the different gestures and programming.

Please don’t just try to Ron Weasley it – when you turn your next-door neighbor into a newt, I’m not helping you explain it.

How to Use the Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

Once you have followed the programming steps to set up your remote, now you can use your Harry Potter wand to control your devices!

Out of programming mode, all you need to do is perform the action you assigned to a function during setup. So, if you assigned volume up to an upwards flick, just perform the upwards flick motion to raise the volume.

The wand has a range of up to 30 feet so long as nothing is interrupting the signal (it won’t work with walls in between). However, the signal is definitely strongest within 15 feet.

Fun Tricks and Special Effects

The Harry Potter remote control wand is not just a functional device, but also a fun toy that can provide hours of entertainment.

Here are some examples of the motions, tricks, special effects you can perform with the wand:

  • Use the “Flick Up” gesture to turn up the volume.
  • Use the “Flick Down” gesture to turn down the volume.
  • Use the “Flick Left” gesture to rewind a video.
  • Use the “Flick Right” gesture to fast-forward a video.
  • Use the “Big Swish” gesture to mute the sound.
  • Use the “Tap” gesture to pause or play a video.

You can also customize the wand’s button functions if you prefer different actions to be associated with certain movements.

How To Put Batteries in a Harry Potter Remote Control Wand?

Replacing the batteries in your Harry Potter remote control wand is easy. Here are the steps to follow to change them out:

  • On the very bottom of the base, locate the small slot. This is the access door for the battery compartment
  • In the box with the remote, you received a small gray key. The key has a dome shaped top, and a matching slot shape on the bottom. Simply insert the key into the matching slot, and twist to open the access panel

The wand takes 2 AAA batteries (note they are not included) to function. The access panel helps keep children safe, as well as concealing the battery compartment for a more realistic look to the wand.

In addition to being the power source, removing the batteries is also the reset for the wand remote. You’ll need to reprogram it any time the batteries are replaced.

Harry Potter Remote Control Wand FAQ

Does the Harry Potter remote control wand work with Roku?

The Harry Potter remote control wand works with some, but not all, Roku devices. Only those that have infrared remotes are compatible. The Bluetooth remote models will not work.

Make sure to check your device’s manufacturer specifications to understand what type of remote you have.

Harry Potter remote control wand not programming?

If the Harry Potter remote control wand is not programming, make sure you are using a working infrared remote to do the programming. Additionally, make sure the batteries in the wand are fully charged.

Aside from those basic tips, reach out to the Noble Collection’s customer service center for more troubleshooting assistance.

What is the range of the Harry Potter remote control wand?

The Harry Potter remote control wand has a range of up to 30 feet. However, the most consistent results are obtained up to 15 feet.

For best results, ensure no obstacles or interference is present between the remote and the device.

Can the Harry Potter remote control wand control multiple devices?

No, the Harry Potter remote control wand cannot control multiple devices at once. It only affects the specific device it is paired with.

That said, you may remove the batteries to clear the programming at any time and pair it with a different compatible device of your choosing.

Can the wand be used with smart TVs?

The wand can be used with smart TVs so long as the TV in question has an infrared remote already.

Many smart TVs use different technology, so make sure to check what you have. If the existing remote is not IR, it will not be compatible with the wand remote.

How do I perform wand movements with the Harry Potter Remote Control Wand?

To perform a wand movement with the Harry Potter remote control wand, simply point the wand at your programmed device, and make the corresponding movement with the wand.

This could be a flick of the wrist up, down, or side to side. The wand also responds to an extension or retraction of the hand, rolling it in your hand, or a grand “flourish” where you start with the wand vertically and swish it down to horizontal positioning.

The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand recognizes nine different wand movements, which can be used to perform different functions like changing channels, adjusting the volume, and more.


Overall, the Harry Potter remote control wand is a unique and fun way to control your devices.

While it may take some time to get the hang of programming, the wand is sure to delight any Harry Potter fan. Of course, you could always just enjoy it as a collectible instead of the function part and probably save a lot of headache!

With its compatibility with a wide range of devices, the wand is a great addition to any household. So why not pick one up today and bring a little magic into your living room?

If Myrtle was always your favorite character, why not bring the ghosts home too? The Ghostbusters plasma series Neutrona wand would be the perfect addition to your collection!

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