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Bug A Salt Shotgun – Take Down Pests from 3 Feet Away!


What do yinz mean why am I wearing this helmet? This is war, Karen. The war on bugs that is! The enemy? The enemy is those pesky stinkbugs. I’m going to obliterate them. How, you ask? Why, with my Bug-A-Salt 3.0 of course! Just you wait Karen, I’m going to show those stink bugs once and for all!

Bug-A-Salt is a shotgun shaped device that uses common table salt as a projectile to take down pests. It is most effective at about 3 feet away; farther distances may take additional shots. Due to the wide spread of a shot, it is ideal for taking down flying bugs, such as house flies or mosquitos. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, since the salt ammunition is harmless to others.

The Bug-A-Salt makes bug killing into a game of sport!

Not your momma’s flyswatter, the Bug-A-Salt is a bug killing machine! This lawn and garden edition of the Bug-A-Salt features a green and yellow designed shotgun shaped device. It shoots salt as a projectile at pesky insects, taking them down with ease. Just load your salt into the hopper to start. Table salt is ideal, as kosher salt granules are too large, and sea salt contains too much moisture. Once loaded, slide the handle towards you, and then away again, much like you’d “rack” a shotgun. Release the safety, and you’re ready to fire at your flying nemesis!

While Bug-A-Salt isn’t a real gun, it should be used in a safe manner just like it was. Only adults over 18 should operate this pest repellent. It should never be pointed directly at people or pets. Only use Bug-A-Salt to target nuisance bugs. Please refrain from killing eco-friendly butterflies, dragonflies, and other helpful insects.

The Bug-A-Salt is designed to most effectively take down flying insects. Houseflies, mosquitos, aphids, stink bugs, and other soft-shelled bugs. It is not effective against the hard-shelled June bugs or scorpions. Practice aiming your bug gun with a sheet of aluminum foil that includes a drawn on target. Once you become confident with hitting the target from around 3 feet away, you’re ready to take on the bugs!

Bug-A-Salt is great for taking down flying insects. It’s also ideal for bugs in hard to reach places, such as behind screens, blinds, or in windows.  Since it’s only salt, it will not damage paint, windows, or screens. Excess salt on the floor or ground won’t harm pets or the environment, which is a great alternative to toxic bug killing chemicals. As an added bonus, if you’re safely insect-free, this is the only pest repellent you can use to salt your dinner!

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Additional Notes

  • Manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty
  • Measures 23 x 8 x 3 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds unloaded
  • #26 best seller on Amazon in Pest Repellents
  • 4.3-stars with over 3,000 ratings!
  • Cannot be shipped to California, New York, or Connecticut due to state restrictions
  • Also available in a Black Fly edition
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