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UFO Round Ice Mold – Make Out of this World Sci Fi Sphere Ice


What do you mean it feels a little extraterrestrial in here? Oh, I see you found my UFO round ice mold. That’s how I make perfectly sphere ice for all my best cocktails. Didn’t you know, all the best inspiration comes when you think outside the box, or planet in this case.

Round ice cubes are better than traditional ones when it comes to cooling versus dilution. Since ball shaped ice has less surface area than an equivalent sized cube, it melts more slowly. Thus, your drink will be as efficiently cooled, while not diluting your beverage as much.  

Truly savor your whiskey on the rocks when you use a UFO round ice mold!

This adorable UFO round ice mold is the out of this world way to create ice spheres. Plus it’s a lot more economical than buying a craft ice making freezer. Each UFO tray creates one 2.2” diameter round ice ball. The mold is made from food grade silicone that is both heat and cold resistant, making it ideal for use in making ice.

Round ice cubes are perfect for use in drinking straight liquor on the rocks. When you want your drink chilled, but not overly diluted, they provide the best solution. Here are some of the most popular alcohols to add a sphere ice cube:

  • Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Cognac

Aside from use in your decanted drinks, you could also create flavored ice that’s great in other drinks. Add in fruit or herbs during the freezing process. Transfer the cube to a glass and top with another drink. It makes a lovely base for a chilled champagne cocktail. Flavored sphere ice is also great with lemonade or iced tea if you’re going the non-alcoholic route!

How do I make round ice cubes?

To make round ice cubes, first fit the two pieces of the mold together. Insert the small funnel in the hole at the top of the mold. Carefully pour water through the funnel until you see the water pool at the bottom. Remove the funnel, wipe the top, then place the mold in the freezer.

Once the ice sphere has frozen solid (generally about 3-4 hours) remove the mold from the freezer. Separate the top and bottom of the mold, setting the base aside. Then, gently press down on the top of the mold, using the side ridges to push against. The ice will pop out from the mold, ready to use.

If you want to make clear ice, make sure to use hot water when filling the mold. Be very careful when pouring water into the funnel to avoid burns. To add fruit or herbs, insert them in the first step of the process, before fitting the mold together.

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Additional Notes

  • Available in grey, apricot, or green colors
  • Mold measures 2.2” H x 2.2” W for the ball, and with the outer rings is 3.3” W in total
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