Middle Earth Area Rug – Super Soft Lord of the Rings Map


What are yinz kids arguing about in here? You can’t agree on how to get to Mordor? Have you been watching my Lord of the Rings trilogy again? Well, in that case, I’m glad I grabbed this map of Middle Earth area rug for the living room. You can play in here, and get the one Ring back where it belongs!

Area rugs help to accent a room with open floor space. They are most commonly used in living rooms, dining rooms, and play areas. Area rugs come in many sizes, colors, and patterns to suit your tastes. You can place them on hard or carpeted floors. When it comes to choosing size, estimate approximately 12-18” of border space around the rug in the room.

Evade Sauron and get to Mordor with the help of this Lord of the Rings map of Middle Earth area rug!

Whether you’re on a ring related quest, or just looking for new home décor, you’ll love this map of Middle Earth area rug! The surface of the rug is made from a soft flannel in a tan color, with black printing. The rug itself is memory foam, for cushioned comfort. Non-skid plastic spots dot the bottom of the rug and make it stay perfectly in place. It’s great on hard floors or on top of existing carpet, and even helps to dampen noise – perfect for apartment living!

The non-woven nature of this rug also makes it easy to keep clean. You can vacuum and spot clean easily, and it doesn’t shed fibers like a traditional woven rug. This Lord of the Rings area rug also offers clean, bound edges for a nice, finished look. This keeps your map of Middle Earth looking great, no matter how much the kids play on it!

This map of Middle Earth area rug will look great in your kitchen, office, dining room, living room, playroom, and more! This Lord of the Ring rug comes in a variety of sizes with the smallest base size being 2′ x 3′ and the largest measuring 5′ x 8′. You could use a smaller design for yoga or as a hallway runner. Any fan of the Lord of the Rings would love this beautiful map of Middle Earth area rug in their home!

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Additional Notes

  • Area rug available in multiple sizes: 2′ x 3′, 3′ x 5′, 4′ x 6′, and 5′ x 8′
  • Note that the price listed reflects the smallest size and larger rugs will have an increased cost
  • Weighs just over 4 pounds
  • Modern style rug with vintage style printing
  • Requires no carpet pad with this rug
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