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mClassic Retro Graphics Enhancer as seen on Indiegogo


I love playing these retro video games, the nostalgia takes me back to my childhood. I just wish that the graphics were better. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the early polygon models, but if they were less grainy it would make a big difference. You got an Indiegogo mClassic graphics enhancer for your retro game console, and it improved the graphics significantly? So, you think it’s worth it?

The mClassic graphics enhancer is a worthwhile addition for a retro gaming console. Since it works via HDMI, it is compatible with most modern generation retro game consoles. The mClassic applies graphics retouching on the system level, meaning it also works with all games on the system.

Upgrade your retro Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox consoles thanks to the Indiegogo crowdfunded mClassic graphics enhancer!

If you want to improve the graphics on your Nintendo Switch or other retro gaming console, the mClassic graphics enhancer is for you. It looks just like a USB drive, but it does so much more! The mClassic is a plug and play graphics card designed just for your console. It works in real time to color correct, sharpen your image, and enhance everything down to the pixel level!

This mClassic graphics enhancer works by plugging in to your Nintendo Switch or “modern” retro gaming console via HDMI. If you have a dock, it can be plugged in there instead. The other end of the enhancer is routed to your display, whether a monitor or television, with an HDMI cable. That’s it – it’s fully installed and functional. The mClassic system will work to enhance your gaming images in real time. Best of all, it adds no additional latency to your game!

Choose from three different modes on your graphics enhancer for superior performance. Toggle between scaling on, scaling off, or retro games mode. This allows you to choose what is best for each system, as you can swap between any systems you own! The mClassic is compatible with the original Xbox and Playstation, GameCube, PS2, Wii, and Sega Dreamcast. It also works on more modern consoles, such as Xbox 360, WiiU, PS3, PS4, and the aforementioned Nintendo Switch.

What’s the benefit of using the mClassic graphics enhancer? It’s intended to improve your graphics display, as high as 4K and 1440p. How much exactly depends on the console you’re using and the output capabilities of your monitor. It won’t suddenly make your old 8-bit game into a modern 3D masterpiece. However, it will sharpen and clean images, remove jagged edges, and overall re-master your images.

Additional Notes

  • Originally crowdfunded on Indiegogo with incredible popularity
  • Has received accolades from CNET, PCMag, VentureBeat, Digital Foundry, and more
  • Powered by Micro USB cable (5V)
  • Measures 2.2 x 1.6 x 0.8 in and weighs 1 ounce
  • Micro-USB cable and HDMI extension cable included with unit
  • Top 20 best seller in Wii Accessories and Xbox Accessories on Amazon
  • 4.5 star rating with nearly 1,000 reviews – it works!
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