Is Displate a Good Gift for Adults? What You Need to Know


There I was, trying to find an awesome gift for my spouse and I stumbled upon Displate. It checked all my boxes: unique, game-inspired, and durable. However, I paused before that “add to cart” moment with a thought: Is Displate a good gift for adults?

Of course I thought it was super cool, but was it an adult appropriate gift, or would it be seen as childish? Is it something we’d actually display in our home, or hide away? Here’s what I concluded:

A Displate is a good gift for adults. In fact, many of their designs are more geared towards adults versus any other age group. With a large variety of options, you’ll find suitable gifts for every room in your home.

I made the leap and did it, so I want to share what you need to know. That way, you can decide for yourself without spoiling a gift surprise!

What is Displate, Anyway?

A Displate is a metal poster, printed with designs ranging from original art to licensed characters from your favorite shows and movies.

They’re available in both matte and gloss finishes, and designed to be wall mounted in your home for display.

Displate Gloss vs Matte Finish

Why Choose a Displate Over Another Piece of Art?

  • Huge selection, potentially including your own art
  • Durable and longer-lasting than canvas
  • Variety of sizes, orientations, and finishes
  • Eco-friendly: a tree is planted for every purchase
  • Easy to mount and remove with little to no wall damage
  • Suitable for nearly any gifting occasion
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Arrives gift-ready

Of course, you could find a lot of these options in various other art pieces. However, Displate is somewhere I can go to find something for pretty much anyone I know.

Gamer? Check. Animal lover? Covered. Art aficionado? They’ll love it, too. It’s a gift I know will last a long time, survive the move between apartments and homes, and look great doing it.

Removing Displate from your walls

Better still, if you don’t know what your recipient will enjoy, an online gift card gives them the flexibility to choose their own. You still get the credit for the awesome gift idea, though.

Adding Your Own Art to Displate

If you want to try and get your own art onto Displate, you’ll have to apply and send a portfolio along. Assuming you’re approved, they’ll give you discounts on printing your works to give as gifts (and other people can buy them too)!

If you don’t want to go that route (or don’t get approved) then you can still find other creative ways to gift your own digital art.

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Why Displate is a Good Gift Choice For An Adult

Displate is a good gift choice for an adult that “has everything” – i.e. the basics in life and is now looking for something to show off their hobbies, interests, or fandoms.

The thing I like most is that nothing is really off limits. Here are some of the ideas I came up with for where to use different Displates in your home:

Displate ThemeRoom to Display It
Movies (ex: Marvel or Star Wars)Living Room, Man Cave, Theater
Bathroom HumorBathroom
Video Games (ex: Witcher, Assassin’s Creed)Game Room, Man Cave, Living Room
Maps, Cityscapes, LandscapesLiving Room
Food & DrinkKitchen
Nature & FloralBedroom, Living Room
AnimalsBedroom, Bathroom, Mudroom
Displate themes and where to display them

As you can see, there are a tremendous variety of themes and styles. From vintage to modern, love to horror, geek and gamer to sports fan, there’s something for everyone. I know I’ll find a style that my mother, my spouse, or my sibling would all enjoy and display with pride.

Limited Edition Displates

The other adult appeal of a Displate comes in the form of their Limited Edition offerings. Many adult collectors can’t wait to get their hands on them when they’re available. The Limited Edition Displate is:

  • Limited quantity
  • Individually numbered
  • Shipped with a certificate of authenticity
  • Printed with special inks
  • Packaged in unique packaging
  • Given a different frame

It’s true that they’re really limited as well – once they sell out, they’re gone. Not that the regular Displates don’t disappear after a period of time as well; they certainly do. However, you’re looking at years for a regular one vs perhaps a few days for these speciality ones.

If you get your hands on a Limited Edition, you’ll find they all have gorgeous 3D style designs that are incredibly intricate and complex. They cost more – around 3x more in fact versus a regular Displate, but many collectors (myself included) feel they’re worth it.

Displate Limited Edition

In Conclusion

Is a Displate a good gift for adults? Yes, it is. It’s even better suited for adults than any other age group in my opinion.

With a vast selection of sizes, styles, and themes, you’ll be able to find just the right choice based on your recipient’s interests.

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