Valentine’s Gifts for Men | 20 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him


Yinz may think buying Valentine’s Day gifts for men is a difficult proposition, but we have plenty of gift ideas for you.  While there may only be 20 numbered Valentine’s gifts here, there are plenty more options provided in the product descriptions.  Let your husband or boyfriend know how special he is this February 14.  We’re going to do a list for women’s gifts as well, but let’s face it – guys are going to wait until the last minute to shop for gifts anyway!

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valentines day gifts for men 6 pack greeting card box

6 Pack Greeting Card Box

Let’s start off this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for men off on the right foot.  Instead of buying a simple card, buy a pack of these 6 pack greeting card boxes and theme your gifts around them.  Beer isn’t included, but you can always stop at a 6 pack shop and grab some of his favorite brews.  Valentine’s Day cards get tossed, but this gift idea for him is going to knock it out of the park.


valentines day gifts for men beef jerky heart shaped box

Beef Jerky Heart Shaped Box

Mrs. Yinz Buy got this for me a couple years ago, so I can speak to my opinions on the heart shaped box.  Yinz receive 8 different styles of jerky in this box, and they are all delicious.  They were so good that my one complaint was that the pieces were smaller than I would have liked as I wanted more.  Still, if you want a subtle trick for the men in your life, and you want them to think they are getting chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift, then this jerky box will do the trick.

If this isn’t specifically up your alley, take a look at the other beef jerky bundles you can find.


valentines day gifts for men indoor putting green

Indoor Putting Green

Are yinz buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend or husband who wishes he could be golfing?  The problem with a sport like golf is you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature.  In Florida, no problem.  Move up to Wisconsin, and you better invest in some cheese hats.  If he starts pulling out the golf driver in the house, it may be time to put away the putting green.


valentines day gifts for men minipresso machine

Minipresso Machine

Maybe getting out of bed for golf doesn’t work in the winter, but you’ve got to make sure sleepy-head gets to work.  This Valentine’s Day gift idea is going to be perfect for him if he’s not a morning person.  I don’t even know what it’s like to be a morning person.  How do yinz do that?  Ok, order me 2 of these.


valentines day gifts for men stainless steel pressurized growler

Stainless Steel Pressurized Growler

We might be saying something with our second beer-related men’s gift idea for Valentine’s Day!  We checked out a few of these CO2 pressurized growlers for your on-the-go beer needs, but this version will actually arrive by Valentine’s Day.  If yinz are traveling around the city handing out free beer on Valentine’s Day, keep us in mind!


valentines day gifts for men cryosphere cold massage roller

Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

Ladies out there, are you searching for Valentine’s Day gifts for men who are always at the gym?  If so, you’ve surely heard about a muscle ache or two.  Give the gift of icy cool relief then!  I tell you what, every single time the Steelers play the Patriots, I feel like I could use a case of these for the headaches that ensue!


valentines day gifts for men whiskey decanter set with glasses

Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses

Ok, let’s face it, you’re going to have a few alcoholic drinks this Valentine’s Day.  You can really set his bar up right with this Valentine’s gift idea for your favorite whiskey lover.  The bonus here is this decanter and faucet combo comes with 2 glasses.  Why should you miss out on the fun?

There are other styles of whiskey decanter sets if you’re interested.


valentines day gifts for men microwave bacon rack

Makin Bacon Microwave Bacon Tray

What would Valentine’s Day be without bacon?  Ok, maybe bacon isn’t up to the level of Valentine’s chocolate or flowers, but it’s #1 in your guy’s heart.  Full disclosure, I’m terrified by the idea of microwaving bacon.  Still, this product has nearly a 5 star rating with almost 2,000 reviews behind it, so it’s working for people.  If your Valentine’s Day gifts for your man include tasty food, then you can’t go wrong with bacon.

Also, there’s a Bacon and Butter DIET cookbook!  People on the Keto diet, be sure to check it out.


valentines day gifts for men yoda t-shirt

Yoda T-Shirt

Baby Yoda is getting all the press these days, but this shirt shows that the old dog still has a few tricks.  The men you’re buying Valentine’s Day gifts for know they are in store for some cutesy items.  Forever will cute dominate your destiny.

It doesn’t have to be a solo Yoda act:

DeadpoolSasquatch –  AlienYes Dear


valentines day gifts for men cologne

Men’s Cologne

I’m not saying you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a smelly guy, but let’s face it, we can use all the help we can get!  Mrs Yinz Buy picked out a couple specific options which you can check out below.  Otherwise, go to the button links and snag the smell YOU most want to smell when you give him his gift this Valentine’s Day.

Dolce & Gabbana Light BlueGiorgio Armani Acqua Di GioGianni Versace Dreamer


unique products fossil watch

Fossil Watch

Years ago, I upgraded from a calculator watch to a Fossil Watch.  I got so many compliments on that watch that even after it stopped working, I still kept the watch, and I still wear it.  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that.  Mrs Yinz Buy will be so embarrassed.  That goes to show how awesome these watches are!


unique products beard grooming kit

Beard Grooming Kit

Yinz know that majestic beards need some serious care right?  This Valentine’s Day, treat him to a gift for his facial follicles.  No more scruffy-looking nerf herder taking you out to dinner!

Just in case your man’s face is as bare as a baby’s bottom, he shouldn’t feel left out.  Earn some Valentine’s laughs with Asswipes.  We know he has one of those!


unique products premium tie set

Premium Men’s Tie Set

Are yinz shopping for Valentine’s gifts for men who wear suits every day?  You can always help him accessorize with this premium tie gift set for Valentine’s Day.  Now when he’s at work, at least you’ll know he has some ties that actually match his shirts.  Look, we’re all pretty helpless in that regard!  Even if he rarely dresses up, at least you can make sure he has something presentable when yinz head out for your college roommate’s wedding.


unique products couples keychain

Couple Keychain Set

This Valentine’s gift for him checks off two boxes.  First, it allows you to give him a gift that celebrates the day of love.  Second, if he’s a gamer, he will appreciate this token.  Bonus points if both of yinz are gamers.  Maybe you’ll even let him win one time on Valentine’s Day.  …probably not though.

Other (non-gaming) choices:

Puzzle PiecesHeart and KeyKissing Whales


unique products slippers


I don’t know if yinz are buying a Valentine’s Day gifts for men that wears slippers, but I love these feet warmers.  In fact, I have a pair of this brand of slippers and am probably due for a new pair!  Why wake up to the winter freeze in your house and make the soles of your feet touch the cold floor?  Pittsburgh isn’t exactly going to heat up until around July anyway!


unique products carbon fiber rfid blocking wallet

Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Wallet

Full disclosure, I’ve tried carrying a wallet around and just couldn’t get used to it.  Instead, I have a wadded mess of bills and cards inside my pocket.  This sleek carbon fiber wallet though has some potential to change my mind.  If your man already carries a wallet and would appreciate a fresh new upgrade for a Valentine’s gift, then he’s sure to enjoy this.  Plus, RFID blocking technology is always a bonus these days.


unique products custom underwear

Personalized Underwear

In writing this blog on the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men, I made sure to check out if these personalized boxers would arrive by February 14.  To my delight, they would!  Look we already all know who the boss is in the relationship.  It’s time to make it official.  His butt is literally yours now.  Enjoy!


unique products book of unusual knowledge

Book of Unusual Knowledge

Ok ladies, let’s be honest here.  Are you searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for a man who is a bit of a know-it-all?  If so, buckle up because you’re about to fill his conversations with 700 more pages of useless information here!  Enjoy the hours of new knowledge you’ll be a party to!

If he’s a bit more of a classic book aficionado, then treat him to the best doctor – Dr. Seuss.


unique products homesick scented candle

Homesick Scented Candle

Yinz don’t often think about candles as a great gift idea for guys.  If you and your Valentine have moved away, then these Homesick scented candles might bring back a little nostalgia.  What’s Pittsburgh smell like – Pierogies?

*checks description*

Scents of Pittsburgh industrial steel, fireplace smoke, and pierogies.



unique products dumbbell beer glasses

Dumbbell Beer Glasses – Set of 2

Prove that you are the best wife/fiance/girlfriend with this gift.  Let the guy you’re buying this Valentine’s gift for have fun and stay fit at the same time.  Now, you don’t have to worry about the extra calories in your beer.  Move over IC Light, I’m going for original Iron City now as I pump my biceps!  Bonus is that you also get your own mug!  Just wait until you see the jealous look on Molly’s face Monday while you’re flexing your newly toned arms.

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