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Cryptex Mystery Puzzle Box from The Da Vinci Code Movie


Are yinz the next Sherlock Holmes? Or, maybe you’re the next Encyclopedia Brown (come on some of yinz have to know who this is!).  Regardless, set your own Cryptex to be deciphered by a friend, or hide your goodies inside to forever be locked away! Unlike a jigsaw puzzle that is intended to be built one specific way, the Cryptex affords you the opportunity to solve again and again. The Cryptex is the puzzle that keeps on giving. Admit it, who doesn’t crave a challenge now and then?

Cryptex lets you unlock hidden secrets!

Combination locks have always intrigued me. For some reason, there’s always a “high” when you enter that last number, you hear the click and the shackle (“U” shaped loop) pops open. The Cryptex does not disappoint here! You’ll definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something when you unlock this mystery!

The Da Vinci Cryptex comes “loaded” with two rings from the Lord of the Rings and is opened with the default password iLoveu. Each of the alphabet rings have the entire alphabet carved on them. What makes this even more fun is that you have the capability to change the password as many times as you wish. This brings the Cryptex to a whole new level, because it is totally customizable! It becomes a great gift giving vehicle too! What a way to propose to your significant other (although this could take a while to get your answer). Would make a great challenge for a puzzle room too! This of course is a great gift no matter what the occasion, or the recipient’s age.

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Additional Notes

  • Totally reusable gift for yourself and others
  • Use to give gifts and/or secure valuables
  • Only limited by your imagination
  • Made of solid metal, but weighs only 1.59 pounds
  • Surround your entire gift in a mystery and learn how to create a riddle for surprise gifts in our easy to use guide!
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